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Former Valorant Pro from T1 and Cloud9 Retires Due to Health Concerns

Former Valorant Pro from T1 and Cloud9 Retires Due to Health Concerns
Written by: ASH

Son ‘xeta’ Seon-ho, once a key player for Cloud9 and T1 in the Valorant scene, has decided to retire. His decision stems from ongoing health and stress issues. Xeta, a seasoned player with almost eight years in the FPS esports world, made his mark in CS:GO before moving to Valorant. He played for notable teams like MVP PK and TYLOO, later joining Cloud9 Korea in 2020 and then Cloud9 in North America.


His journey included participating in Valorant Champions 2021 with Cloud9. Xeta's move to T1 was part of Valorant Esports' first trades, alongside coach Yoon ‘Autumn’ Eu-ddeum for Rahul ‘curry’ Nemani. Despite plans to play for T1 until 2024, xeta announced his retirement on February 15, 2024, just before the VCT Pacific Kickoff tournament. He cited diminished energy and the toll of eight years of continuous play as reasons for his decision.



Xeta shared his feelings on social media, mentioning his struggle with mental and physical health despite support from his organization and a sports psychologist. His decision was respected by T1, allowing him to step down. Xeta now plans to fulfill his mandatory military service in South Korea but remains open to returning to esports in the future with renewed vigor and passion.


This move highlights the pressures and health challenges esports athletes face, underscoring the importance of mental and physical well-being in the competitive scene.

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