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Valorant Star Yay Opens Up About Health Issues During VCT Masters Exit

Valorant Star Yay Opens Up About Health Issues During VCT Masters Exit
Written by: ASH

Jaccob 'yay' Whiteaker recently opened up about the reasons behind Bleed Esports' early exit from the VCT Masters Madrid during the Pacific Kickoff tournament. The North American Valorant star, who joined the Singapore-based team amid much excitement, pointed to personal challenges during the competition.


Bleed Esports, which had generated significant buzz due to its high-profile signings including yay, faced a quick elimination. Despite the anticipation, they were defeated by T1 and then by Global Esports, marking an unexpected end to their journey in the tournament. Yay, in a candid admission on social media, shouldered the blame for the losses, especially highlighting struggles with his vision during the matches.



The Valorant community was taken aback when yay revealed he experienced unusual vision blurriness during the games, which affected his performance. This was a new issue for him, as he had not faced such health concerns in past competitions. His performance notably dipped in the crucial match against Global Esports, where he managed only six kills over 24 rounds.


Yay's revelation has sparked discussions among fans and fellow players, with many expressing support for his quick recovery. As Bleed Esports regroups for future competitions, yay's health and well-being remain a priority for the team and its supporters.

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