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Saadhak Laughs Off Riot's Warning for In-Game Gesture at VCT Americas

Saadhak Laughs Off Riot's Warning for In-Game Gesture at VCT Americas
Written by: ASH

LOUD Saadhak brushed off a warning from Riot Games with a laugh after he was seen shooting an opponent’s body in a VCT Americas match against Leviatán. Riot Games, which runs the tournament, has strict rules against certain player behaviors, including inappropriate gestures. This isn't the first time players faced repercussions; fines and warnings have been issued for similar actions in the past, under a code that prohibits vulgar or obscene gestures.


During a group stage match, Saadhak, the IGL for LOUD, found himself on Riot's radar for targeting the corpse of an opposing player, kiNgg. He revealed on his stream, with a chuckle, that he received a warning for this act. Saadhak explained the action as a tit-for-tat response to Leviatán's Mazino, who shot the body of a LOUD player earlier. However, Aspas, who transitioned from LOUD to Leviatán in late 2023 and had celebrated numerous victories with Saadhak, was spared from this retaliation.



The question of whether Leviatán faced similar warnings remains unanswered, as Riot Games does not publicly disclose details about penalties or warnings issued to players. Any revelations on this front would likely come directly from the involved players.


As the incident unfolds, LOUD gears up for the upcoming VCT Americas Kickoff playoffs, scheduled to begin on March 2, drawing attention not just to their gameplay but also to the sportsmanship and conduct expected within the competitive scene.

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