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Sentinels Player Zellsis Receives Death Threats After Valorant Victory

Sentinels Player Zellsis Receives Death Threats After Valorant Victory
Written by: ASH

Jordan 'Zellsis' Montemurro of Sentinels has become the target of death threats from Brazilian fans. This situation emerged after his team's win over Brazil's top esports team, LOUD, in the VCT Americas Kickoff Grand Final.


Sentinels, a prominent esports organization, has experienced mixed feelings from Brazilian fans. This began in 2021 when a Sentinels player insulted Brazil on social media. Although the team later gained favor by signing Brazilian players Bryan 'pANcada' Luna and Gustavo 'Sacy' Rossi, recent events have stirred controversy again.


The tension resurfaced after Zellsis replaced pANcada in the team, leading to initial criticism. However, Sentinels quickly returned to their winning ways, securing the VCT Americas title. The victory, unfortunately, led to negative reactions from Brazilian fans towards Zellsis.



During a live stream, Zellsis revealed that he received numerous threats from Brazilian fans. He expressed his concern for his safety in Brazil, highlighting the severe nature of the messages he found in his Instagram DMs. These threats extended to both him and his family, causing alarm.


Zellsis is no stranger to community backlash. He previously mentioned dealing with both toxic and loving fans. In response to the recent events, Zellsis stated on social media. He acknowledged the hate but emphasized receiving more love and support. He clarified that his actions are aimed at competition and creating positive experiences for everyone involved.


As Sentinels and LOUD prepare for the upcoming Masters Madrid, Zellsis's situation sheds light on the intense pressures and challenges faced by esports professionals.

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