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Retla and Zest Join Bleed Esports' Valorant Lineup

Retla and Zest Join Bleed Esports' Valorant Lineup
Written by: ASH

Bleed Esports has made a significant move in the Valorant scene by adding Retla and Zest to their roster. This change comes as the team prepares for the upcoming major tournament in April, a crucial step for qualifying for this year's world championship.


Retla and Zest are joining a team that is quickly adapting to recent shifts. Bleed Esports acted swiftly to fill the spots left by two benched players. This decisive action showcases the team's dedication to staying competitive in the fast-paced world of esports. The inclusion of these new players marks a fresh start for Bleed Esports, aiming to make a strong impact in the upcoming tournament.



The team's journey towards the world championship hinges on their performance in April's tournament. With the new additions, Bleed Esports is showing that they are not just participating but are determined to excel. The esports community is watching closely as these changes could significantly influence the team's trajectory in the competitive Valorant landscape.


Retla and Zest bring new energy and potential to Bleed Esports, setting the stage for exciting gameplay and strategic prowess. Their integration into the team is expected to enhance the team's overall performance, making them a formidable contender in the upcoming events. As the tournament approaches, all eyes will be on Bleed Esports to see how these changes play out on the global stage.

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