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Masters Madrid - Day 3 & 4 Post Match Interviews

Masters Madrid - Day 3 & 4 Post Match Interviews
Written by: Yoann

The Valorant Masters in Madrid have been phenomenal to watch so far, so here’s everything you need to know about the qualification and elimination games that played out this weekend! 


On Saturday, we had the clash of the Titans from the Americas and EMEA, both top-seed teams fought for a spot in playoffs. Sentinels ended up getting the upper hand over the blue wall, in a 2-0 series. 


See the full results here



Here’s what Sentinels’ IGL, Johnqt had to say after the series!


Johnqt: For this series, the preparation wasn’t long because we had no time. We made sure to trust ourselves and discuss the veto. We were very aware of how they play, they didn’t change much their Lotus and Split, so it wasn’t that hard.

The second series saw Gen.G and EDG battling out for the second spot in playoffs, both teams are the top seeds of their respective regions, Pacific and China. 

It was a back-and-forth series, but Gen.G took the advantage and qualified on Breeze. 


See the full results here



Let’s hear from Texture after their series win!


Texture: I’m desperate to close our series out 2-0, but we are pretty confident with our resilience, and our ability to recover! We’re definitely okay with the pressure.

This Sunday’s games were very intense elimination matches!

The Brazilian super-team took down FPX 2-0 on Sunset and Breeze, with the second game being a close one, Saadhak’s team winning it out 13-11. 


See the full results here



Here’s what Saadhak had to say about it!


Saadhak: It’s in these high-pressure situations where we are able to thrive and shine the most. It’s our Brazilian culture that allows us to come out of situations like this one!

As the tournament goes on, we’re going to see a lot more counterstatting coming through, but if our explosive playstyle keeps working, we’re just going to keep running it!

Paper Rex and Team Heretics fought an incredibly close and tense series, with PRX beating the local Spanish team 2-1 on Split. The fans enjoyed a ton of insane rounds from both sides, the decider being the most entertaining one. 


See the full results here


We interviewed Team Heretics coach, Nelzinho after the series loss. 


Nelzinho: We played nice Valorant, as we’ve been preaching as coaches, we believe in this team. We don’t want to just stick to the meta, we want to be innovative, and I think we’ve done that, especially on maps like Sunset! We’ve learned a lot, the preparation was really good going into Kickoff, with the time limits we’ve had. The effort our players put in is crazy, I’ve learned as a coach how incredible my players are, it’s only positive!

On the winners' side of Paper Rex, here’s what f0rsakeN had to say about the change of composition on Split!


f0rsakeN: I realized that the three duelist comp only really worked in Pacific, here’s everyone is just so good, that we need some info from an initiator. So I decided to change to Raze and make Monyet play Omen, I think he’s great at it! That allowed d4v41 to play Skye!

I love being flexible, creating new strategies, and being creative in general! Maybe I will play Deadlock on Icebox next, who knows!

The next day of competition in Madrid will see Loud take on EDG, and Karmine Corp fight Paper Rex, for the last two spots in playoffs! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to keep following the tournament!


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