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Valorant Team Sheds Light on Unintentional Viper Smoke Reduction

Valorant Team Sheds Light on Unintentional Viper Smoke Reduction
Written by: ASH

Valorant's Viper, a key figure among the game's Controllers, recently saw her effectiveness dwindle following patch 7.09. Riot Games has now clarified that this change was a mistake. Originally a powerhouse from the game's beta phase, Viper's capabilities, particularly her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud, saw a reduction in uptime from 15 to 13 seconds. This slight adjustment had a significant impact, disrupting player strategies across the board.


Riot has announced plans for additional adjustments to Viper in the upcoming patch 8.08, a move that has sparked mixed reactions within the community. Despite the adjustment, Viper remains a popular choice, lauded for her strategic versatility on the battlefield. She's particularly favored in setups requiring extensive area control, capable of significantly hindering enemy movements with her toxic barriers.



However, this strength has also been a point of contention, with some players finding her playstyle promotes a slower, more calculated approach to matches. The forthcoming patch promises to revisit her capabilities, aiming to strike a balance that addresses both solo play frustrations and her role in professional play. The community remains eager to see how these changes will reshape Viper's use, hoping for adjustments that maintain her viability while enhancing gameplay dynamics.


As Riot continues to fine-tune the balance within Valorant, the attention to unintended changes like Viper's nerf underscores their commitment to a fair and competitive environment. The outcome of patch 8.08 will undoubtedly be a focal point for both casual and professional circles, as players adapt to the evolving landscape of Valorant's strategic depth.

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