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How Many Players Does Apex Legends have? 2023 Player Count

How Many Players Does Apex Legends have? 2023 Player Count
Written by: ar1essss

Released back in February 2019, Apex Legends has grown rapidly and created a solid place for itself among the top multiplayer games and arguably the best online first-person shooter game you can play right now. As 2022 is currently its third year, we thought it would be nice to look at how far the game has come with its player count.


The Apex Legends player count has always been quite high ever since its first month of launch. The game was released without any teasers or advertisements, giving Respawn Entertainment a more respectable frame to their current success.


In its first month, the game was able to reach 50 million players in total. The only real promotion the game ever had was through Twitch streamers and YouTubers creating content that covered the game.




Lifetime Apex Legends Player Count


For this game, there has been a strong presence of activity ever since its release. In its entire lifetime, Apex Legends has seen 130 million players hop into the game. Back in April 2021, Respawn announced that the game had seen a total of 100 million players. The launch on Nintendo Switch definitely helped with the elevation of these numbers, and the Steam version undoubtedly played the biggest role in the surge.


Apex Legends New map And New Legend Ash.


In February 2022, the developer said that they were up more than 30% year-over-year in Q3. In other words, the company had around 30 million new players. In that same Earnings call meeting of February, Respawn revealed that the 2022 fiscal year was set to be the biggest for Apex.



Apex Legends Player Count 2022


In 2022, the player count for the game has been estimated to be in the millions with high figures remaining consistent just like it was during launch. EA revealed that Season 10 was a huge success for the company but they didn’t provide any specific figures to support the statement. Still, it is no doubt true as the developers have begun to display a lot of optimism with their new releases and content.


The game apparently has over 13 million weekly active players to boast of across different platforms. This figure was reported back in August 2021, but we can deduce that the numbers are still within that range due to the growth the game has experienced since then.


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According to the Steam API, the Apex Legends live player count sat around 412,556 back on May 10, the day following the official launch of Season 13. This statistic was reported according to SteamDB. On average though, SteamDB reports that there is a player count of 191,000 for May 2022.



Apex Legends Player Count compared to other games


If you’re wondering what a square up between the Apex Legends player count vs other games looks like, you’ll be happy to learn that this game is doing really well, even against the popularly hyped Halo Infinite which sat at 147,782 players for December and 9,000 players in total for the past month. Games like Fortnite and Warzone don’t have any publicly available figures, but they are still top games on streaming sites like Twitch along with Apex Legends.

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