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How to check how many Packs you’ve opened in Apex Legends

How to check how many Packs you’ve opened in Apex Legends
Written by: ar1essss

In Apex Legends, some items transcend the regular item rarity system in the game. You may be familiar with common, rare, epic, and legendary items, but there’s a tier above these colors that can only be accessed if you have a special currency. In this article, we will provide all that there is to know about heirlooms in Apex Legends.



What are the Heirlooms in Apex Legends?


For the actual identity of these items, you can mostly find them in the form of special cosmetic melee weapons. With a character like Wraith, she has an exclusive Kunai that can only be used with the legend. Similarly, a lot of the other members in the Apex Legends roster are capable of using heirloom items. The melee weapons are mostly designed to match the personality of the respective legends. For someone like revenant who is artistically designed to look like the grim reaper, the heirloom item he uses is a scythe.




How to own Heirlooms in Apex Legends


To obtain your special heirlooms in this game, you’ll first need to be favored by the universe to get heirloom shards. These shards are a special currency that can be randomly given to players when they open Apex Packs. However, Heirloom shards can also be obtained in a guaranteed form once you’ve opened 500 Apex Packs.


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Luckily, you can be sure that whenever you get heirloom shards, you’ll be able to access your heirloom item. 150 shards are required to unlock an heirloom, and the game always gives you 150 when you gain some new shards.



How to check how many packs you have opened in Apex Legends


Follow these steps if you’re looking to learn how many Apex packs have been opened on your account so far:


  1. Use this Apex Packs Calculator website
  2. Type the current level your account is on within the Account section
  3. Choose how many Apex Packs you’ve purchased directly from the store under the Purchased Packs section. This will allow the tool to account for your purchased packs in the calculation
  4. Type your level for every season and whether or not you purchased the battle pass for the seasons. To find out your seasonal levels, you can use the Banner tab in the game and see your level in your Season badge.
  5. Fill in all the other information if you have access to it. Once completed, you’ll be presented with the number of packs you’ve bought and the amount needed to reach 500 in total.


For every 500 Apex Packs that you open, you’ll be given access to some Heirloom shards to buy whatever new mythic item you’d like to obtain.





If you honestly want to get some packs, keep playing the game without fixating too much on how close you are. Part of the joy of unlocking heirlooms is the pleasant surprise of seeing those red lasers.

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