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How to Master Ziplining in Apex Legends

How to Master Ziplining in Apex Legends
Written by: TheQalamkar

Apex Legends is a movement shooter, which means that understanding the mechanics of the game is just as important as knowing how to fire a gun. The game features a lot of things that help you both offensively and defensively – and one of the best tips that anyone can give you is to always be on the run as staying in one place gets dangerous.


Since the game has large maps, traversal takes effort and planning because you have to make sure that you’re safe and going to a good spot. One integral part of Apex Legend’s movement are the ziplines, which help you get around the map very quickly. They can prove to be useful both in terms of traversal and getting out of fights quickly. And not only that, but they help you chase enemies down too at times.


While basic use of ziplines in Apex Legends is simple, there are a few tips that you can follow to maximize your effectiveness. So, let’s jump into our short but helpful guide on how to master ziplining in Apex Legends!





The Best Ways to Use Ziplines in Apex Legends


There are numerous ways to master ziplines in Apex Legends, because you can use them for more than one purpose. And one legend in the game can deploy ziplines on the go too, while others have to rely on those that are already placed around the map.



The Zig Zag


Normally, ziplines are used to get to point A to point B. But sometimes, you can use ziplines as a way to gain the upper hand in a fight. Because it’s much harder for your enemies to shoot you when you’re actively moving – compared to attacking you on the ground.




This, of course, means that you need to be good at shooting whilst on a zipline. You can easily practice by aiming for specific targets while using a zipline to improve your consistency. For example, if there’s a car or crate in your site – try to hit it as much as you can while ziplining.


This practice will help you become great at hitting targets while you’re moving. And then when you have an enemy shooting at you, they will miss most of their shots, but you will have better control over hitting them back.



The Zipline Jump


A trick not everyone knows is the zipline jump in Apex Legends, which lets you get a massive momentum towards the air without much effort. All that you need to do is to stand below a zipline, slightly look upwards, and then press the interact button. Then immediately press jump as soon as you connect to the zipline – which sends you far up and gives you great height.




This trick is especially useful for climbing extra floors, like the Construction Building in Capitol – which you normally have to climb. Just make sure not to press jump first and get on the zipline after – that disables the momentum you would otherwise gain from this trick.



Pathfinder’s Zipline Gun


Pathfinder is a legend whose ultimate ability in Apex Legends is to deploy a zipline. This zipline can be used both by Pathfinder and its allies, which is an amazing advantage to have by your side. It allows you to quickly traverse anywhere – which is especially useful when you’re stuck outside the circle. And it helps you get in and out of fights too when used at the right time.




Just keep in mind that your enemies can use this zipline too, so don’t leave it in places which may lead directly to you. But if used correctly, it helps you traverse without attracting the kind of attention that you normally would when using public ziplines.



Evac Towers


Although not exactly a zipline, Evac Towers are a very useful item in Apex Legends that you can find as an item on the ground. If you’re holding it in your inventory, you can deploy it anytime that you want. And once it’s ready, you and your teammates can use it as a way to jump very high up on the map.




This allows you to relocate your squad to a different part of the map. And the reason behind that is up to you. Sometimes this can be used to get out of an area with too many squads, and at other times it can simply be a strategy to enter a better area.


They’re not difficult to come across, so you don’t have to be conservative about using them. Ultimately, ziplines are more fun to use and are better for shorter traversals. But if you’re in need of a big escape, then these deployable Evac Towers are what you need. However, do make sure not to use them too much because their tactical advantage is very low.




These are the best tips that we have for players who wish to master ziplining in Apex Legends. Other than this, there’s not much to learn about using them in the game and you just need to make sure that you have an idea of where you’re going on the map.


We hope that you found these tips useful and will use them to become an expert in the movement aspect of Apex Legends. If you have any tips that we missed out on, then make sure to let us know too. And while you’re still here, keep browsing Esports Driven for more useful guides!

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