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The Best Landing Spots In Apex Legends

The Best Landing Spots In Apex Legends
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment
Written by: Knightmare

Landing at a good spot is crucial in Apex Legends. Since their respective releases, the four maps in Apex Legends have seen significant changes. Even though the loot in Apex Legends is randomized, some spots offer more loot than normal on all the maps.


So today, we will discuss the best landing spots in Apex Legends. These spots offer good loot. Moreover, a good beginning can lead you towards victory. We will discuss all the maps separately.



Best Landing Spots in Kings Canyon


Season 14 features a reformed Kings Canyon. Let's look at all the best landing spots in Kings Canyon.


The Desert




There are several landmarks in the Desert that make up the majority of King's Canyon in Apex Legends that attract many gamers, but it is also scattered with numerous small settlements and buildings.


The Desert isn't really a single area. The entire area is surrounded by Bunker, Airbase, Gauntlet, and Relic. It is a great choice for players who prefer to play slower. The Desert doesn't attract a lot of players. 


Players benefit most from this situation's flexibility because there are many different little towns, homes, and buildings to pick from. Many offer enough loot for a pair or even a trio to divide amongst themselves.


The Cage




Respawn Entertainment has changed quite a few things in The Cage in Season 14. This reformed version of The Cage is a great landing spot. There is frequently a lot of armor and equipment nearby, including an Explosive Hold with high-tier loot that may be unlocked using grenades.


The removal of the upper walls makes it feel a lot fairer, whereas it used to be simple for players to hole up within the top level and take shots at neighboring teams. The overall height of The Cage has been reduced as well.


The Cage is the area to drop if you want to engage in combat right away or establish sniper supremacy from a high vantage point. With the release of Vantage, this spot will be more popular now.


Caustic Treatment




Caustic Treatment has everything, whether you like to play aggressively or camp around the corner. 


In addition to the possibility of obtaining fully equipped weapons or gold equipment after engaging the inner controls of the structure, it features a very high concentration of loot (weapons and ammo, among other things).


Overall, Caustic Treatment is a great choice if you're a little experienced in Apex Legends. Moreover, it's a little out of the way as compared to other POIs, so you've to be careful because if the dropship starts from there, it can attract a lot of enemies.




Best Landing Spots in World's Edge


World's Edge was added to the game a little later after its release. Let's take a look at the best landing spots for this map in Apex Legends.






Climatizer was added to World's Edge map in season 10 of Apex Legends. This location was a replacement for the Refinery. 


This landing spot has a good amount of possible loot in a very small area. This is still an excellent covered area to prepare, even though the gondolas don't bring the purple shields as frequently as they formerly did.


It features fairly high-tier loot, and you can even find crafting material. After sweeping this area, you can travel to Epicenter nearby, which contains a Replicator. Overall, it is one of the best landing spots in Apex Legends.






Countdown is situated on the northwestern side of World's Edge. Countdown is an extremely popular drop location, so it is an excellent option if you're looking for an early fight. 


It has both covered and uncovered regions, allowing defensive legends to establish guarded areas and offensive legends to use their skills in the available space.


Second, players can go for higher-tier loot or fight for points in Skyhook with better armors because the Countdown is close to Bloodhound's Trial and Skyhook. A centrally located unlockable floor in Countdown ensures level 2 armors, level 3 armors, or gold level 4 armors.


The Geyser




The Geyser is quite a small location as compared to other ones on this list. However, it is definitely one of the best landing spots in Apex Legends. 


If you're lucky, The Geyser won't attract a lot of players due to its location. You can easily loot in this location. The area's main Geyser can be used to change locations quickly, a nearby vault is accessible, and the buildings are full of loot.


The Geyser can be a great landing spot for new players. Moreover, if you like to play slow and the dropship doesn't cross paths with The Geyser, it is a great choice.




Best Landing Spots in Olympus


Olympus was added to Apex Legends in 2020. The map has many of the best landing spots in Apex Legends. Let's discuss them in detail.


Bonsai Plaza




One of the most popular and best landing spots in Apex Legends is Bonsai Plaza. If you are hungry for kills, then this is an ideal spot for you.


In addition, Bonsai Plaza also provides a plethora of loot. The loot consists of high-tier shields and weapons. The tight corridors within this area encourage fast-paced combat. This is definitely an ideal location if you're trying to take your game to the next level.


However, if you're new to the game and still learning the basics, you should avoid this spot. You'll probably be taken out before you can get your hands on a gun.


The Icarus




The Icarus is another popular place in Olympus. You'll see a swarm of players heading towards this spot in almost every game.


This area may seem a little strange at first. However, there's a lot of high-tier loot scattered throughout this place. When you first reach Icarus, the floor is covered in the remains of dead scientists.


One of these scientists will have a Keycard that can be used to access the Bridge section, which has a wide variety of weaponry and equipment.






One of the most prominent areas on Olympus is the Rift. We advise landing in the Rift since it has a good number of weapons and gear.


Rift has a giant floating energy ball in the middle of the region, allowing you to move throughout the battlefield. The energy ball teleports you to another location on the map, which can be used if the ring is not near you or you want to flee from enemies.


Rift can be an ideal location if you don't see other enemies coming in this direction. You can easily take cover behind corners and manage your loot when it gets populated.




Best Landing Spots in Storm Point


Apex Legends' fourth and latest map, Storm Point, was released alongside the season 11 update that was released earlier this year.


Storm Point's best landing spots are as follows.






Checkpoint is a great landing spot for beginners. It consists of a series of interconnected buildings, each of which has a large amount of loot.


This entire structure is suspended over a dense jungle. This makes it easier for you to retreat between the thick foliage whenever things get too heated. Moreover, Vertical mobility characters like Valkyrie, Revenant, and Pathfinder excel here. 


The trees may obstruct your view, so if you plan on using a sniper, there are a few zip lines that will take you up to the top of the region. If you like to play it safe at the beginning of the game, then Checkpoint is one of the best landing spots in Apex Legends.


Fish Farm




Fish Farms is the right landing spot for you if you want someplace quieter. This location is quite isolated. It is situated at the very edge of the map.


Multiple supply bins are spread across the region, and each house has its own gear, attachments, and weapons supply. The water between the buildings makes moving between them more difficult, discouraging fast-paced players.


All these elements make Fish Farms a solid pick if you want a safe beginning to your game or if you're still learning the game.


Lightning Rod




Lightning Rod isn't recommended for all the players in Apex Legends. You require a lot of tactical knowledge about the game to use this POI efficiently. 


Lightning Rod is maybe the most loot-rich spot on this map. You can easily find high-tier loot in Lightning Rod. Moreover, it is essentially the highest point on the map, so you'll always have the height advantage.


Moreover, this spot is surrounded by multiple Gravity Canons and the map's only redeploy balloon. So you don't have to worry about the circle moving away from you as you can cover large distances easily.





So these are all the best landing spots in Apex Legends. We have included 3 spots from each map catered to different players. We hope this guide will prove helpful for you.

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