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How to claim Apex Legends Catalyst Bundle On Prime Gaming Rewards?

How to claim Apex Legends Catalyst Bundle On Prime Gaming Rewards?
Image Credit: Prime Gaming
Written by: Knightmare

Prime Gaming is an extremely popular gaming service, and they have partnered with EA Games once again. This time, Prime Gaming is bringing in a new Apex Legends bundle and a bundle for Battlefield 2042.


Fans are always excited to see new and unique bundles coming from Prime Gaming. These bundles are one-of-a-kind and provide some great items. With the release of the latest season alongside the latest Champion, fans are certainly excited about this Prime Gaming Bundle.



So today, we will talk about the Apex Legends Prime Gaming Bundle for November, and we will also tell you how you can claim it for yourself.



Apex Legends The Natural Essence Bundle


Screenshot_2022 11 23_at_01 16 02_Prime_Gaming


The Prime Gaming Bundle for November revolves around Apex Legend’s latest champion, Catalyst. This bundle is called The Natural Essence Bundle.


The Natural Essence Bundle comes with three new cosmetics. From November, players may get their hands on this month's Prime Game bundle, which contains nature-themed cosmetics.


The items in this bundle are:


  • “Natural Essence” Catalyst Skin.
  • “Gem Shredder” Alternator Skin.
  • “Autumn Winds” Banner Frame.


Catalyst has been well-received by Apex Legends players. Catalyst's ferrofluid-based abilities are swiftly turning her into one of the most popular Apex Legendary legends in this season. So a Twitch Prime Bundle focusing on her is the perfect thing to boost the player count.>


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This bundle’s main highlight is definitely the Natural Essence Catalyst Skin. This skin is really a work of art. It perfectly captures the essence (no pun intended) of Catalyst’s personality. Moreover, the color scheme looks really attractive. 



Secondly, this bundle's Alternator Skin features a nice purple color scheme. This Gem Shredder Alternator Skin also has a funky pattern that lines up perfectly with the Catalyst skin. Lastly, the Autumn Wind banner frame is really refreshing to see. 


Overall, the Natural Essence Prime Gaming Bundle looks incredible. You should definitely not miss out on it if you’re a Prime Gaming Member.


If you’re wondering what Prime Gaming is, then make sure you check out our guide about everything you need to know aboutPrime Gaming Loot.



How To Redeem Prime Gaming Loot?


Every time a new Apex Legends Prime Gaming Bundle is released, fans are quick to claim it. However, some of them don’t understand how one can claim these bundles.


If you also need to learn how to claim it, look no further. Simply follow the steps below:


  1. First, visit the Prime Gaming website and log in using your credentials.
  2. Verify that your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts are connected.
  3. Now, link your EA and Prime Gaming accounts.
  4. Now, visit the “Apex Legends” section on the Prime Gaming website.
  5. Click “Claim Now” on the “The Natural Essence Bundle.”
  6. Load up the game, and it will show up in your inventory.


The best part about Prime Gaming rewards is that you can claim the Prime Loot even if you don’t have a pre-existing Amazon Prime account, and you can actually get the bundle for free. 


To do this, simply create an account and start a free trial of Prime to get the bundle right away. This free trial lasts 30 days, and you can cancel it anytime. 



The Natural Essence Bundle was released on 17th November and will be available till December 15. So hurry up and claim your reward before it expires.





Prime Gaming’s latest Apex Legends bundle is a steal. It looks amazing and gives you skin for the newly released Champion. So if you plan to play as Catalyst, then you should try this bundle.

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