What Is Twitch Prime? Everything You Need To Know!

What Is Twitch Prime? Everything You Need To Know!
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If you've been on the internet for the past few years and you're a gamer, then you might have heard about Twitch Prime.


Twitch Prime (AKA Prime Gaming) is a subscription service that you get alongside Amazon Prime. It gives you additional benefits while using the Twitch platform. Twitch Prime offers its users a lot of benefits over normal Twitch users, so if you're a fan of gaming or Twitch, then you might be interested in it. 


As you might already know, Amazon acquired Twitch back in 2014. In 2016, Twitch and Amazon unveiled a new version of Twitch's prime subscription that merges both services. So if you're planning to get a Twitch Prime subscription, then this is your one-stop solution for everything you need to know about Twitch Prime. 



Purpose of Twitch Prime


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As we have already mentioned, Twitch Prime is a subscription service for Twitch. It gives you a lot of benefits as a Twitch and Amazon Prime user. Twitch Prime offers special in-game content and other benefits. 


The free Twitch channel subscription with a Prime membership is the most beneficial advantage for many individuals. It goes without saying that the most attractive aspect of Twitch Prime for gamers is the number of free games you get with Prime but more on that later.


Another great benefit of Twitch Prime is that you can enjoy all the content of Twitch without ads. In addition, you'll also receive special emotes, chat colors, a royal chat badge, and a new channel subscription every month.


Popular games such as League of Legends, Valorant, GTA Online, and Warframe will deliver special in-game content to Prime subscribers every month. Examples of this are skins, loot boxes, downloadable content, and other incentives. You can even gift these items to one of your friends.



How to Subscribe to Twitch Prime


Twitch Prime isn't a subscription service on its own. However, you automatically get Twitch Prime in addition to Amazon Prime. If you want to use Twitch Prime, you must purchase a complete Prime subscription. You may sign up for Prime for £7.99/$12.99 per month or £79/$99 per year.


Moreover, if you're feeling a little skeptical about its usefulness, then don't worry because Amazon Prime offers a free 30-day trial. So, you can use Twitch Prime for a month and determine whether it is worth it for you or not.




Free Games with Twitch Prime




Twitch Prime offers free games every month. Sometimes you will even see multiple AAA titles for free on Twitch Prime. All of these games are completely free, and you can play them forever, even if the game is removed from Twitch Prime next month.


Twitch Prime free games for October 2022 are as follows:


  1. Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  2. Glass Masquerade: Origins
  3. Total War: Warhammer II
  4. Horace
  5. LOOM
  6. Hero's Hour


As you can see, there are a lot of AAA titles among the free games, and it isn't just shovelware. These games will be available till the 3rd of November. So if you want them, then you better subscribe to Twitch Prime before they get removed. 




Is Twitch Prime Worth It?


The question many people have before committing to any subscription service is whether it is worth it or not. Based on the value Twitch Prime provides, it is definitely worth it. It not only gives you a lot of value but is also a great way to support your favorite streamers.


Twitch Prime is an excellent investment for any gamer who enjoys buying unique in-game cosmetics and items frequently. You may save money when you get such items as part of your membership.


In terms of value, you receive far more than you paid for. The games that you're getting for free every month justify the value of this membership alone. One of the nicest aspects of a Twitch Prime subscription is that you can cancel it at any moment, with no hidden fees, and the 1-month free trial makes it a must-try for everyone who enjoys gaming.





So we hope this article will answer all your questions related to Twitch Prime. I would highly recommend that you try out their free trial and then make a decision. Moreover, many people already have an Amazon Prime subscription, so you might want to take extra advantage by checking out Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming.

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