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How to turn Aim Assist On/Off in Apex Legends

How to turn Aim Assist On/Off in Apex Legends
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Written by: ar1essss

In many First Person Shooter (FPS) video games, battles are best decided by the player who has the best aim. Sure, other factors come into play, but aim assist is the primary way to ensure that the person in front of you gets dropped as soon as possible.


The competitive advantage with aim assist is simply mesmerizing, which is why many FPS gamers would prefer to focus on a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller for gaming. In Apex Legends, console players at least have the benefit of a built-in aim assist system that nudges the cursor towards the direction of your likely target. This way, you’ll be able to focus less on precision, and use a general sense of direction to catch your opponents off guard.


aimassist apex


Still, there are moments where the aim assist system in a controller can be spoofed and turn towards a target that wasn’t your main intent. This mostly happens when you’re in a fight with multiple opponents at once.

If you’re a controller player, and you’re not the biggest fan of aim assist in your matches, you can turn it off through the game’s settings.




How to easily turn off Aim Assist in Apex Legends

If you have a console or controller plugged into your PC, you might automatically have Aim Assist enabled. This is because the game is designed to automatically recognize the presence of a controller, and it turns on aim assist for your matches. By doing this, you won’t be at a complete disadvantage when faced with console players.

While this is a good tactic, it might cause problems for the types of players who prefer to be in full control of every event in the game. This means that there will be situations where players have the chance to flex their mastery of a controller with the use of their analog sticks for aiming.


Here are the ideal steps you should take to turn off the aim assist feature:


  1. Open your Settings menu in-game
  2. Head over to the Controller tab
  3. Scroll down to find a line that reads Advanced Look Controls… and open it
  4. Once here, scroll down to find a Targetting Assistance option with a choice for On and Off. Choose the Off option if you want to stop using aim assist.
  5. To re-enable your aim assist in the future, you should use the same steps, but select On instead of Off


Photo Credit: Alphr


Without targeting assistance, you can truly make your experience as personalized as it can be for your gaming preferences. Within the advanced look controls menu, you’re bound to find a lot of things that will make it possible for your character’s movement and maneuvers to be uniquely yours.


The options in the menu we highlighted earlier are also worth checking out as you can mess around with them, then use the firing range to simulate what it would feel like in an actual battle. If you want the dummies to be useful, you can make use of the iconic Firing Range Easter egg, turning them into opposing combatants that will fight back in a similar vein to real players.

If you want multiple options for turning off aim assist, there’s another method that could help in its unique way. Here are the steps:


  1. First, you’ll need to go to your Settings and select Controller.
  2. Here, you should find an option for Look Sensitivity with some sliders that can be set to different values. To turn off the aim assist, the value on this slider should be set to 8 which is the highest.


With a sensitivity this high, you won’t have any problems dealing with unexpected misdirection to your aim.


If you’re a console player that has always used aim assist, it might feel awkward to turn it off initially. You’re likely to miss a lot of shots in the first few games you play. Playing without aim assist is seen as a subpar way to play Apex Legends. Yet, if you’re dedicated enough to stick with it, you will find yourself getting much better than your counterparts. This is mostly thanks to the coordination skills that will be developed in the process of playing “handicapped”.



Important details about Aim Assist in Apex Legends


Should you be turning off your Aim Assist?


The answer to this question is never going to be extremely clear, but it is important to note that aim assist has always been an important topic among FPS gamers. This is due to the way an analog stick is unable to provide precision aiming compared to anything else. To give controller users a chance at fighting back in a balanced way, aim to assist was added to most FPS games.


If you’re on the fence about turning it off, you should try out the Firing Range practice option for at least 30 minutes to get a feel for it. Keep an open mind and have a willingness to learn. This way, you’ll have a good chance at finishing off enemies with your evolved aim.



What is the best Controller for Apex Legends?


Because Apex Legends is such a widely available game (recently launched on mobile), there is no shortage of platforms and controller options that can be accepted for the game. Most controllers are compatible with it, so you should not need to worry about connectivity issues.


For our recommendation, it is preferable if you use a conventional console controller like the PS4 controller or the Xbox One controller. This way, you won’t need to adapt your muscle memory to a new pattern.



If you have the option, the best possible way to play an FPS game like Apex Legends will be with your mouse and keyboard. The controls are specially made to be as convenient and precise as they can be.

Aiming is an art form in video games, and hopefully, this article has provided some vital information to improve your controller aim.

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