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The Top 10 Best Apex Legends Team Compositions

The Top 10 Best Apex Legends Team Compositions
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment
Written by: Knightmare

Apex Legends is a team game. The game doesn't even have a solo mode, so it is better to play with a bunch of friends. In addition, Apex Legends feature many characters with different abilities, and using these abilities can obviously give you a competitive edge. You can increase the effectiveness of these abilities by creating good team compositions.


The proper team composition might be the difference between gaining or losing a lot of RP. Some combinations are still stronger than others. So we are going to take a look at some of these strong combinations.   


Today's guide will tell you the top 10 best Apex Legends team compositions.



10. Bangalore, Caustic, & Gibraltar


1662464823 caustic2


Our first composition consists of Bangalore, Caustic, and Gibraltar. This is a great hybrid squad. You can trap enemies by mixing and matching their abilities. Furthermore, you can also turn the tables by using Bangalore and Gibraltar's ultimate abilities together in an area. 


To prevent people from escaping that area, you can also add Caustic's ultimate ability into the mix. This is one of the best Apex Legends team compositions if you're good at strategic gameplay and planning. However, you will have to use your abilities after communicating with your teammates for maximum effect.



9. Horizon, Pathfinder, & Wraith


horizon s7 finisher apex legends


Three legends that excel at swift movement in entering and exiting battles are Horizon, Wraith, and Pathfinder. They are experts in combining mobility and damage to get the edge in a firefight. If you combine Horizon, Pathfinder & Wraith, you must keep playing offensively because this combination isn't for defense.


You can surround enemy teams from any side possible. Horizon can help you detect enemies by going airborne, while Pathfinder can zipline towards them, while Wraith uses her passive to push between them quickly. You can create total chaos with this Apex Legends team composition.




8. Vantage, Fuse, & Seer


apex legends vantage abilities news featured_feature


This composition is perfect for picking enemies off from a long range. Vantage, Fuse, and Seer can perfectly complement each other's abilities. This composition requires patience and a high camping point. 


This composition is all about gathering intel and tapping heads. Seer and Vantage can combine their abilities to spot enemies, whereas Fuse can act as their muscle and take out enemies. He may use his Motherlode ultimate to trap an enemy team, letting Seer and Vantage take shots at them with snipers as Fuse shoots Knuckle Clusters.



7. Bloodhound, Bangalore, & Ash


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This Apex Legends team composition focuses on hunting down enemies. Ash can access her map and pin down where enemies have recently died wherever you are. This is extremely useful for locating enemies, especially on a large map like Storm Point.


You can also use Ash's tactical ability in combination with Bangalore's smoke once Bloodhound has revealed nearby enemies. You can gain an advantage over your opponents by employing all of these legends' abilities wisely. This is quite an unconventional Apex Legends team composition, but it works pretty well.



6. Bloodhound, Mirage, & Wraith




Gathering intel about enemies can be very crucial in Apex Legends. Our next Apex Legends composition ensures that you always get the upper hand on your opponents. With so much information at the player's disposal, picking off enemies becomes a fairly simple task.


Bloodhound can reveal nearby enemies using his tactical or even his ultimate ability. In addition, Mirage can create a decoy of himself, and the enemies who shoot it can also be revealed. Moreover, Wraith can also inform you of nearby enemies thanks to her passive abilities. Wraith is great for pushing enemies, thanks to her tactical ability.




5. Bangalore, Gibraltar, & Lifeline


gibraltar bangalore apex legends characters hit boxes


Since everyone who plays Apex Legends has access to these Legends, this is an amazing combination. This is the best Apex Legends team composition for beginners. It doesn't require you to think out a strategy because you won't be able to combine their abilities (except Gibraltar and Bangalore's ultimates).


However, with Lifeline's revives and healing, Gibraltar's tanky protection, and Bangalore's offensive power, you can take out pretty much any team. It would be best if you worked smartly by letting Bangalore take the lead.



4. Bloodhound, Octane, & Mad Maggie


Featured Apex Legends Mad Maggie Lifeline and Octane in action 768x432


This is the best Apex Legends team composition for aggressive players. You have many playstyle options if you decide to use this team composition. While all three of these legends have strengths that are useful to their teammates, they also promote aggressive movement and opponent tracking, making them strong choices for solo play.


You can easily wipe out an entire area using this composition. The motto for using this team composition is to; push, attack, retreat. You can push enemies after activating Bloodhound's abilities then you all can attack by keeping Mad Maggie at the front. If things get too heated, you can always retreat by using Octane's launch pad.



3. Revenant, Octane, & Bloodhound


3632223 apex legends season 4 1320x743


Revenant, Octane & Bloodhound may seem like a strange Apex Legends team composition. You can use these Legends' abilities together for an extreme edge. Bloodhound, as usual, can help you find enemies, and Octane can quickly take them out.


Revenant can give you much control over the area you're pushing. Together these three are one of the best aggressive Apex Legends team compositions. You can be as aggressive as you want with this team.




2. Valkyrie, Gibraltar, & Bloodhound


apex legends valkyrie pick rate algs


Any team that has Valkyrie automatically has an increased chance of winning. However, this team composition takes that chance further. Pairing Valkyrie with Bloodhound and Gibraltar is quite chaotic. 


Bloodhound may be used first to scan the area to scout it out and prepare a coordinated attack. Secondly, you can either use Valkyrie's tactical ability over the area or fly and try to take the enemies out from the higher ground. This strategy works best in an open area. In addition, you can use Gibraltar to create a cover if things go sideways.



1. Bloodhound, Octane, & Gibraltar


apex legends mobile bloodhound character_jpg_1640


If this list proves anything, Bloodhound & Gibraltar should be in every team for balanced gameplay. This team composition pairs Bloodhound and Gibraltar with Octane. Combining defense, tracking, and speed is highly OP, and this idea can be pulled off using this combination.


Bloodhound and Octane can easily clear out the areas by working together. Afterward, Gibraltar can create his Dome to help them retreat and use his ultimate to take out the remained damaged or knocked-out enemies. Furthermore, all of them can escape the location using Octane's Ultimate. This strategy sounds easy, but it needs some practice. However, if you master it, you can reach new heights.





So these were our top 10 best Apex Legends team compositions. You can try each of these compositions yourself and figure out which is the best for you.

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