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How To Enable Third Person Mode In Apex Legends

How To Enable Third Person Mode In Apex Legends
Written by: Mohsin

Respawn Entertainment's exceptional game design is credited for the immense popularity and success of Apex Legends, which is reflected in nearly all aspects of the battle royale.


The firing range in Apex Legends is also a testament to the game's attention to detail, as it contains various hidden easter eggs for players to discover and unlock. One such easter egg is the third-person mode, which has become incredibly famous among players.


2023 01 31_17


Although the third-person mode was removed from the game briefly in the past due to a glitch that caused death when switching Legends, it was reintroduced in Season 11 as part of the 1.84 update. It underwent some changes, and now works differently than before.


Players have found the third-person mode to be one of the most exciting easter eggs in Apex Legends. Although it was temporarily removed from the game due to the developers' glitch, it returned in Season 15 with some modifications.




How To Activate Third-Person Mode In Apex Legends


To activate the third-person mode in Apex Legends, players need to follow these simple steps accurately. 


  1. Firstly, they need to enter the firing range and travel to one of the far corners. This is relatively easy if they are playing as Pathfinder, but it is also doable with other legends such as Horizon or Ash, who possess movement abilities.

    2023 01 31_12

  2. Next, players need to grapple onto the champion banner present on the right side of the map before swinging forward to a ledge that stands behind it. 

    2023 01 31_13

  3. Once there, players will see a little bush they will need to stand in.

    2023 01 31_14

  4. They must go right into the corner of the map, which is technically inside the bush, and then they are required to crouch.

    2023 01 31_15

  5. Once they have crouched, players need to change their character by pressing escape and clicking on the "Change Legend" option.

    2023 01 31_18

  6. After this, they must kill themselves with a grenade.

    2023 01 31_19

  7. You as you can see you will be in Third Person mode!

    2023 01 31_16


It is essential to keep in mind that players are supposed to have an entirely clear inventory to activate the third-person mode successfully. They can only keep a grenade in their inventory. Initially, when the third-person mode was first introduced, there were plenty of fans who were confused and thought it was just a visual bug. However, the former Apex dev Jason McCord confirmed that the mode was a deliberately added easter egg and not a bug.


Activating the third-person mode in Apex Legends is an exciting experience that offers players a new perspective on the game. It is worth noting that the mode can only be activated in the firing range and not in the regular gameplay. However, there are many more hidden easter eggs to discover in Apex Legends, so players are encouraged to explore the game and uncover these secrets.



Is it a Bug or a Feature?


When the third-person mode easter egg gained popularity on Reddit, the former Apex developer, Jason McCord, responded with a side-eye emoji. This response was taken as confirmation that the mode was not a bug but a deliberate addition to Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that the third-person mode easter egg is a feature of the game.


This confirmation was also seen as a sign for players to search for more easter eggs in Apex Legends. It would have been thrilling if the third-person mode was available in normal Apex Legends or as an LTM in Season 3. Unfortunately, this feature can only be accessed in the firing range.


Apart from the third-person mode, there are many other hidden easter eggs in Apex Legends waiting to be discovered. Players can explore the firing range and the new maps to uncover these secrets. It is worth joining with friends and embarking on an easter egg hunt to uncover these exciting features.

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