How Private Matches Work In Apex Legends: Create Custom Tournament & Invite Friends

How Private Matches Work In Apex Legends: Create Custom Tournament & Invite Friends
Written by: Mohsin

The Spellbound Collection Event is an exciting part of Apex Legends and always arrives with tons of new and fun content. The update introduces brand-new cosmetic items in the game, fixes errors or bugs, balances out the weapons, and brings about quality-of-life changes.



In the past, players have always wished the game had some mode through which they could host games or tournaments with friends. This article is for those players as their long-awaited wish is finally going to come true!


Aside from all the amazing features present in the Spellbound Collection Event, the update will now allow players to host private matches. In this article, we will talk about this feature and tell you a few easy steps in which players can host a private match in Apex Legends.



How To Create A Private Match In Apex Legends


Following are the steps players are to follow so that they can host a private match:


  1. Click on the game mode selection button


  2. Click on create a match which can be found under the Private Match tab.


  3. Create a code for the tournament
  4. Wait for other players to join by using the custom code
  5. In the lobby, players' names will appear with a green dot to indicate that they are ready to play
  6. The host can start the match as soon as each player is ready


Each player is allowed to create private tournament matches, which can hold up to 60 players as well as five observers. The observers will be able to see outlines of players and teams, have access to a free cam, and see the overlays and the scoreboards.


Anyone that possesses the correct code can become a part of a private match. The developers stated in the patch notes that no XP or progression could be gained through tournament matches, and cross-play is required to participate.



Private Match Customization Options


Respawn Entertainment, the developers of Apex Legends, released an FAQ on the 10th of January in which they answered all the queries of players related to private matches. There is a minimum requirement of 30 players for a battle royale match to begin.


This bit of news will be disappointing for the game’s community members, who were hoping to gather some of their friends and host small battle royales. Moreover, no LTM mode is present at launch, but the developers said they would give us an update if this particular piece of information changes in the future.


On the bright side, players are allowed to pick from all the maps when creating a private match, and admins can edit the chat options and settings as well as remove players from a lobby. Admins can also initiate an aim assist override, forcing PC values for aim assist across the board, which will be an underrated feature.



Although the players are allowed to host private matches on any platform, the developers noted that the chat abilities are bugged on consoles as of right now. However, Respawn Entertainment is working to fix this bug and will give us an update once we know more.

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