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What Is Ratting In Apex Legends?

What Is Ratting In Apex Legends?
Written by: iamharoongill

Ever dived into the world of online gaming and felt like you've crash-landed on another planet? The unique jargon tossed around by players can indeed seem alien. From terms like "bullet sponge" and "camping" that are rather straightforward, to more elusive terms like "ratting" in Apex Legends, the gaming glossary is ever-expanding.


So, what's the buzz around "ratting" in Apex Legends, and why does it get players riled up? Let's decode this.




Ratting in Apex Legends


At its core, "ratting" is a gameplay tactic where players prioritize survival by skirting around confrontations and essentially becoming gaming wallflowers — they're there but not quite in the thick of the action. The main aim? Stretch their time in the game, watching the clock and avoiding the chaos of battle.




It's quite the divisive strategy, with players split down the middle. Detractors argue that "rats" dampen the game's pulse-pounding essence, rendering sessions lackluster not just for them but for the entire lobby. However, others see it as a valid, albeit sneaky, gameplay approach. The contention amplifies in high-stakes situations, like Ranked matches.


Respawn, the wizards behind Apex Legends, chimed in on this in a recent update, pointing out the obvious. Teams have been lounging in the game's outer regions, avoiding the frontline to scoop up points. Their verdict? This isn't how Apex Legends was meant to be played. With the launch of Season 18, Respawn is ushering in changes, vowing to weed out inactive and dodgy play styles that define "ratting."



Is "Ratting" the Secret Sauce to Winning Apex Legends?




If you're tempted to adopt "ratting" as your go-to tactic, think twice. While it might seem like a clever way to coast through the game, you're likely to find yourself ill-equipped when the game reaches its climax. For novice teams, "ratting" might appear as the lifeline to glimpse those exhilarating final moments. However, with Respawn's upcoming revamps, this tactic might soon be obsolete. Here's what's brewing:


  • Tweaking ring timings to catalyze mid-game face-offs.
  • Modifying ring damage to promote in-ring gameplay.
  • Repairing popular "ratting" hideouts with more patches in the pipeline.



Addressing the "Ratting" Dilemma


The rise of "ratting" as a prominent strategy in Apex Legends didn't just spark debates among players; it also caught the keen eyes of the game's creators. Respawn Entertainment, always receptive to the game's evolving dynamics and community feedback, decided to step in, addressing the "ratting" issue head-on with the release of Season 18.


Apex Legends_9zU7qsD


Reinventing the Wheel: Changes in Season 18 To deter players from the passive approach of "ratting," several major changes were implemented:


  1. Adjusted Ring Timings: A direct response to the strategy of delaying confrontations, the modified ring timings aim to push players towards more central areas sooner. It increases the likelihood of encounters, making it harder for players to simply bide their time in relative safety.
  2. Ring Damage Modifications: Another deterrent for players lingering on the fringes, the new ring damage adjustments punish those staying outside the ring for extended periods. It not only nudges players towards more confrontational zones but also makes the overall match pacing brisker and more intense.
  3. Fixing Popular Hideouts: Recognizing that certain map areas were hotspots for "rats," Respawn acted to either modify or remove these zones. This move was designed to cut down on the spots where players could lurk undetected, further promoting movement and engagement.


Central to all these changes is Respawn's core vision: fostering a dynamic, active gameplay experience. Their stand is clear: while tactical play is encouraged, prolonged inactivity that dulls the game's vibrant pulse is not.



The Future of "Ratting"




With the landscape of Apex Legends continuously evolving, the question remains: What lies ahead for "ratting"?


  • Expectations & Speculations: Season 18 may have introduced mechanisms to curtail "ratting," but as with any competitive game, players often adapt and innovate. It's possible that newer forms of "ratting" or alternative passive strategies might emerge in subsequent seasons.
  • Adapting to Change: As Respawn tweaks game dynamics, players might find new strategies that balance caution with confrontation. Some might focus on mastering movement and evasion, not to avoid combat entirely, but to choose their battles more judiciously.
  • Counter-strategies: With any dominant strategy, counter-strategies often emerge. As "ratting" evolves, so will methods to detect and counteract such players, leading to an intricate dance of tactics and counter-tactics.





Apex Legends, with its rich tapestry of tactics and strategies, continues to evolve as players and developers interact in this ever-shifting battlefield. "Ratting," a term that might've been obscure to many a while ago, has taken center stage, eliciting passionate responses from both advocates and critics alike.


Respawn Entertainment's proactive response showcases their dedication to maintaining the game's dynamic spirit and pace. But as with any great game, it's the players who will ultimately shape its destiny. Whether "ratting" fades into the annals of gaming history or morphs into a new form, one thing remains undeniable: Apex Legends continues to be a thrilling arena of strategy, skill, and survival. The game's heartbeat is strong, and its story is far from over.


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