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Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date, New Legend, more

Apex Legends Season 19 Release Date, New Legend, more
Written by: iamharoongill

Season 18 of Apex Legends, titled 'Resurrection,' certainly kept players on their toes, thanks to Respawn Entertainment's remarkable overhaul of Revenant. This revamp didn’t just breathe new life into the character but surged his popularity in the game's meta.


However, even amidst all the action, dedicated players can't help but wonder what's next. While Season 18 brought changes aplenty, it didn't unveil a new Legend, leaving fans hungry for more.


Eager to know when you can dive into Season 19 and bid adieu to Season 18? Let’s delve into what’s on the horizon for Apex Legends.




Apex Legends Season 19 Release date




Circle the date: October 31, 2023! We have a hunch that Apex Legends Season 19 is poised to drop at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT on this very day. How do we know? Well, the clues lie in the game's battle pass countdown. And guess what? This date aligns perfectly with Apex Legends' traditional Tuesday updates.


Although Respawn Entertainment hasn't set this in stone just yet, everything points to this being D-day. The curious part? While the current season is wrapping up on October 30th, that's a Monday – not the typical game update day. So, fans should brace themselves for the grand finale of Season 18 and the dawn of a new season, all on the same day. Exciting times ahead!



What’s coming in Season 19 of Apex Legends?


The air is thick with speculation and curiosity as Apex Legends fans eagerly await what Season 19 has in store. While the Respawn team has kept its cards close to the vest, the Apex community and keen-eyed leakers are always up for a good treasure hunt.



Storm Point's Majestic Return?




Remember all that buzz around the Storm Point map? Players had their sights set on this revamp making its debut in Season 18, fueled by tantalizing teasers. But in a twist, not only did it not launch, but Storm Point was also whisked away from the map rotation! This move has only fanned the flames of curiosity. The buzz suggests that Respawn might be gearing up for a grand reintroduction in Season 19. Yet, there's always that wild card chance that they might surprise us with an earlier return.



A New Map on the Horizon?


While it's tempting to anticipate a fresh map in Season 19, let's manage our expectations. Given that new Apex maps have historically graced us every 4-5 seasons, our bets are on a potential new battleground emerging in Season 20. But then again, with Respawn, you never truly know what's around the corner!



New Legend - Conduit




While all eyes were on Revenant's reimagining in Season 18, whispers have already started about the potential new Legend for Season 19. The name on everyone's lips? Conduit.

Reputable Apex insider, Thordan Smash, has fueled these rumors, suggesting that Conduit may indeed be our next hero.



What's Conduit's Edge?


She's a shield maestro! Leaked insights hint that Conduit has an uncanny ability to summon shields at will. Not just for herself, but she can also empower her teammates and strip enemies of their protective barriers.




A Glimpse into Conduit's Backstory?


Rumor mills are buzzing that Conduit might be the notorious 'Big Sister,' who sent Rampart's shop up in smoke. Additionally, there's quite the chatter about her potentially being Margo, a friend of Catalyst. The intriguing clue? Both seem to sport a distinct lightning emblem beneath their left eye. And when Respawn was prodded for some insights? Their lips were sealed, only adding to the mystique with a "No comment."



Passive: Capacitance


Instead of the usual 100 health, Conduit starts with a split of 50 health and 50 shields. But that's not all! She possesses the innate ability to recharge her shields over time, with a boost in regeneration when allies are nearby.



Tactical: Arc Flash


Conduit can transfer some of her shields to teammates, fortifying them while sacrificing a bit of her own.



Ultimate: Alternating Current


Unleashing a barrage of arc cluster bombs, she zaps the shields of nearby enemies. The twist? The damage she inflicts replenishes her own shields.


Buckle up, Legends! If Conduit does make her grand entrance, the battlefield is about to get a whole lot more electrifying!



Apex Legends Season 19 expected content




Anticipation for Apex Legends Season 19 is hitting fever pitch, and if past seasons are any indicator, we're in for some thrilling content:


  • Battle Pass Bonanza: Ready to climb the ranks? We're gearing up for a robust 110-tier Battle Pass, chock-full of flashy cosmetics, and an exquisite reactive weapon skin. Time to up your style game!
  • New Threads and Arsenal: Legends and their weapons are getting a makeover! Look out for fresh skins that promise to dazzle on the battlefield.
  • Shifting Battle Dynamics: Balance is the name of the game! Stay on your toes as tweaks and overhauls to Legends and weapons are in the cards, ensuring ever-evolving gameplay.
  • Special Events Galore: Word has it that Collection Events will be returning, bringing with them a coveted new Heirloom and an elite Prestige skin. Exciting times for collectors out there!


Of course, while we're buzzing with excitement, it's always good to remember that some of these hints and whispers come from the realms of speculation and leaks. So, fellow Legends, keep your eyes and ears open for official announcements and teasers! The adventure is just getting started.





As the curtain slowly descends on Season 18 of Apex Legends, the gaming community is abuzz with speculation and eagerness for Season 19. While dates and details remain shrouded in mystery and leaks, one thing is certain: Respawn Entertainment never disappoints. Whether it's tantalizing teasers, revamped landscapes, or electrifying new Legends, each season brings fresh adrenaline rushes. Mark your calendars, stay updated, and get ready to dive headfirst into yet another exhilarating chapter of Apex Legends. Here's to new challenges, alliances, and unforgettable in-game moments! See you in the arena, Legends!

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