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Top Apex Legends Streamers: Comprehensive Guide to the Best Players in Apex Legends

Top Apex Legends Streamers: Comprehensive Guide to the Best Players in Apex Legends
Image Credit: INSOMNIA
Written by: gekisakka1

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best Apex Legends Streamers dominating the game. In this article, we will introduce you to the top players, rising stars to keep an eye on, and the secrets behind their success. By the end of this guide, you'll have an in-depth understanding of the Apex Legends streaming landscape and valuable insights to elevate your own gameplay.




Top Apex Legends Streamers



  1. ImperialHal


Apex Legends ImperialHal



ImperialHal, also known as the big cheese of Apex Legends, is the captain of TSM's pro-Apex team. He's got a whopping 1.6 million fans on Twitch, all tuning in to watch him work his magic. This massive fan base is all thanks to Hal's pro skills and his team's winning streak, which kicked off with TSM bagging the top spot in five back-to-back Apex tournaments. This winning run included a big win in the first-ever ALGS LAN tournament, a moment that's gone down in Apex history.

Even though this winning streak eventually came to an end, TSM and Hal kept their momentum going. They bagged the ALGS Split One Playoffs title in North America in 2022, followed by a respectable sixth-place finish on LAN in the next Split Two Playoffs.

But Hal's popularity isn't just about his wins. It's also about his fiery passion and intense personality. He's a player who's all about winning and is not afraid to call out a teammate if he thinks they've messed up. This perfectionist streak can be a bit daunting, but you can't argue with his track record. Plus, his fiery reactions to in-game frustrations make his streams a real roller coaster ride, which some viewers can't get enough of.



  1. Ninjayla


Apex Legends Ninjayla



Ninjayla is a real gem in the world of content creation, and she's all about streaming Apex Legends. When it comes to her go-to Legends and gear, she's often seen rocking Wraith and Loba, and she's a big fan of the R-301, usually paired with a shotgun or a heavy ammo gun. 

She's a top-notch player, but she also knows how to have a blast on stream, cracking jokes and having a good laugh with her buddies. Her bubbly personality really shines through in every stream, making her a fan favorite. She's part of the Complexity crew and has a whopping 142,000 followers on Twitch.



  1. Noko


Apex Legends Noko



Once known as Nokokopuffs, Noko is an Apex Legends streamer who's a real hoot for viewers who love a funny guy who tells it like it is. Even though he's a content creator, Noko still steps up to the plate in professional Apex Legends tournaments and is known for not holding back about the game.

He often points out hiccups he finds with various maps, in-game bugs, and the whole ranked system. His honesty and straight-from-the-shoulder talk are like a breath of fresh air, and his memes? They're top drawers. Noko has a solid fan base of nearly 362,000 followers on Twitch.



  1. iiTzTimmy


Apex Legends iitzTimmy



In August 2021, 21-year-old iitzTimmy set his sights on a "Bronze to Predator" challenge in a single Twitch stream. And guess what? He nailed it 54 hours later, totally wiped out but victorious. Despite being exhausted, he managed to keep his gameplay top-notch throughout the stream. At the peak of this streaming marathon, Timmy had a whopping 150,000 viewers tuned in, a testament to his gaming skills and his knack for keeping viewers entertained.

On top of his obvious gaming prowess across multiple games, Timmy's sense of humor and the high-quality production of his stream kept fans hooked even after his solo challenge wrapped up. Now, Timmy's got over 2 million followers on Twitch and is a must-watch for any Apex fan.



  1. LuluLuvely


Apex Legends luluLuvely



LuluLuvely is a talented player known for her sharp aim and strategic gameplay. She is acclaimed for her prowess in employing a wide array of legends, which consistently propels her to the Apex of the game's ranks each season.

Primarily, Lulu allows her gameplay to showcase her talent, concentrating on her abilities rather than excessive commentary. This emphasis on gameplay distinguishes her from numerous other streamers and has garnered her a significant fan base. Lulu's streams deliver a captivating mix of tranquility and fervent gaming that keeps the audience engaged.

Moreover, she is recognized for her comical alternate accounts, often bearing witty names such as "inceldestroyer69." This lighthearted aspect enhances her streaming content and highlights her keen wit.

Presently, LuluLuvely boasts an impressive 1.3 million followers on Twitch, attesting to her gaming expertise and the superior quality of her streams. Her exceptional blend of high-caliber gameplay, soothing ambiance, and affable humor positions her as a remarkable personality within the Apex Legends domain.



  1. ShivFPS


Apex Legends ShivFPS



Everyone's go-to Bangalore player, Luminosity's ShivFPS, always delivers top-notch gameplay and a bucketload of energy. Shiv made waves early on in Apex, and he's still one of the game's most popular streamers, all thanks to his knack for consistently climbing the ranks, even when he's often flying solo in the queue.

In later seasons, Shiv became famous for his loud and clear call-outs of cheaters on his stream, which led to him often being in the crosshairs of game hackers. But instead of backing down, this extra attention just stoked Shiv's fire. Even though he got slapped with a ban at one point for some choice words aimed at a cheater, Shiv had the last laugh. Respawn eventually swept up most of the worst cheaters who were stirring up trouble in season eight, and Shiv is still one of the game's most-watched streamers. He's got a cool 1.4 million followers on Twitch.



  1. Daltoosh


Apex Legends Daltoosh



TSM's, Daltoosh is a player who's made a name for himself with his controller skills and his knack for playing up to the camera while pulling off some seriously jaw-dropping moves in Apex. He often teams up with some of the top pros in the game and is also famous for hosting watch parties of ALGS and other tournaments on his stream. Here, he dishes out unfiltered commentary that you won't hear on the main broadcast.

A fan of golf and a good old-fashioned domestic beverage, it's not unusual to see Daltoosh kicking back after a long day of Apex by playing party games with other content creators. Whether you're there for the top-tier gameplay or the general chaos, Toosh has got you covered. He's currently got a whopping 724,000 followers on Twitch.



  1. NiceWigg


Apex Legends NiceWigg



NiceWigg, a star content creator for 100 Thieves, is a blast to watch. He often joins forces with other Apex streamers like Apryze. He's a whiz with a controller and is known for being one of the nicest guys in the Apex community. And get this - his mom, affectionately known as MamaWigg, often drops by in the chat, which is always a hoot.

Even though he now refers to himself as a "former" pro, that doesn't stop him from teaming up with other streamers like iiTzTimmy every now and then to compete in tournaments. He even got hired by the Apex Legends Global Series recently to host the B stream for the tournament series LAN events in Stockholm for the Stage Two Playoffs and in Raleigh, NC, for the ALGS Championship.

No matter if he's competing, streaming, or casting, Wigg always brings his signature pep and positive vibes, delighting thousands of viewers. He's got a cool 617,000 followers on Twitch.



Breakout Performers to Watch











These up-and-coming players have shown tremendous potential in Apex Legends. Keep an eye on their streams to witness their continued growth and success.



The Secret to Their Success


To achieve success in Apex Legends, top players focus on several key factors:


  1. Practice: Consistently honing their skills through regular practice sessions.
  2. Communication: Mastering team coordination and collaboration.
  3. Adaptability: Gaining proficiency with multiple legends to suit different situations.
  4. Game Sense: Developing a deep understanding of game mechanics, map layouts, and rotations.



Learning from the Best


By watching these top Apex Legends streamers, you can gain valuable insights into high-level gameplay, strategy, and mechanics. Analyze their decision-making, movement, and communication to improve your own game.

To learn more about Pex Legends Game mechanics, be sure to check out Esports Driven's comprehensive Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Apex Legends to improve your gameplay.





In this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide to the best Apex Legends streamers, including top players and rising stars. These streamers showcase exceptional skill, knowledge, and dedication to their craft. By learning from their gameplay, you can elevate your own performance and enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

Remember to follow and support these amazing players on their respective platforms as they continue to entertain and educate the Apex Legends community. Happy gaming!


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