How to Improve Your Aim in Call of Duty: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Improve Your Aim in Call of Duty: A Comprehensive Guide
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If you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran in the Call of Duty game, you should be aware of the fact that aiming skills are the one aspect that will greatly impact your in-game performance. You can progress swiftly in Call of Duty if your goal is to increase your accuracy and precision while aiming.


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It doesn’t matter if you’re busy fighting in multiplayer battles or engaging in tough campaign modes; the power of landing accurate shots on your enemy can make all the difference. All first-person shooter games require players to work on the fundamental skill of aiming to be victorious.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explain all the tips and tricks that will help you to improve your aim in Call of Duty. Once you’ve read our guide and mastered your aiming skills, there will be no stopping you. Our Call of Duty guides will make sure while bringing accuracy and precision to your aim, you don’t lose the element of fun!



Understanding the Fundamentals


We know that every player wants to skip basic and foundational elements and move to the part where they learn advanced tactics. However, it is crucial to have a good grip on fundamental aspects of Call of Duty to improve your aiming skills. Once you have a solid groundwork, you can easily employ complex techniques in the future.


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Sensitivity Settings


If you are on the battlefield without adjusting your sensitivity, then you are destined to doom. The very first step before gearing up for war is to set yourself to a point where you are comfortable.


Without experimenting, you cannot decide the perfect sensitivity for you. Therefore, try different levels and pick the one that suits you. Your sensitivity defines the kind of playing style you possess. If you’re an aggressive player and make quicker movements throughout the map, a high sensitivity will favor you in dropping your enemies down. Similarly, if you want help in precision aiming, a low sensitivity will be perfect for a precise headshot!



Crosshair Placement


If you’re a beginner and don’t know anything about crosshair placement, then visit esportsdriven to get all the relevant information. The crosshair placement improves with your experience in Call of Duty. While focusing on your crosshair, always remember to keep it at the head level of your enemy. This crosshair placement will allow you to register an instant headshot.


Similarly, if you hear footsteps from your surroundings, adjust your crosshair to a position where the chances of an enemy popping up are higher. This tactic will help you to move your crosshair less and increase the chances of landing a precise shot.



Mastering Your Weapon


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There are a range of different weapons that you can equip to decimate your opponents. However, it is not an easy job to select a gun while going to the battlefield. In Call of Duty, every weapon has a distinct recoil pattern and characteristics.


There are different weapons for close-range and battleground fights. If you master the complexities of your firearm, you can boost your aiming skills and drop your enemies to the ground in seconds.



Weapon Familiarity


The best advice we can give you is to stick to one weapon. Mark a gun as your favorite and explore its intricacies. Use your favorite weapon in every battle and get familiar with its bullet drop, recoil pattern, and firing rate. The more you use one weapon, the better you adjust to it.



Aim Down Sights (ADS)


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If your crosshair placement is shaky and you cannot control the recoil pattern, use the ADS trait to improve your aim and accuracy. There is another technique called Hip-Firing that can be beneficial for long-distance combat. Nevertheless, utilizing ADS is always the better option to get more precision with your gun.



Advanced Techniques


Until now, we have discussed all the foundational aspects of aiming skills. In this guide, we have provided detailed information about basics, and now, it's time for some advanced techniques. We will make sure that the advanced tactics we discuss will improve your aim and take your gameplay to another level.



Peek and Pre-aim


When you’re in an intense battle, always look out for a cover. A cover can give you an upper hand over your enemy, as it can aid you in shooting your enemy while guarding your body from the counter-fire.


When you have taken the cover, pre-aim at the likely opponent position. As you move slowly, this crosshair placement will give you a split-second advantage as you spot your enemy.





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Usually, beginners get confused when they see the word “strafing” in any guide. Strafing is the sideways movement while aiming at your enemy. Therefore, strafing is one of the best techniques to avoid damage


Strafing allows you to become a difficult target, as it is never easy to hit something that is consistently moving. According to the Call of Duty mechanics, strafing enables players to maintain precision and accuracy while changing positions.



Importance of Patience


We know that every player wants to spend less time practicing aim and more time destroying their enemies. However, in Call of Duty, it is no child’s play to improve your aim. Call of Duty demands dedication and patience from the player’s side.


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Keep the concept of immediate progress out of your mind and focus on your training. Don’t worry! Progress will come with constant practice and your will to learn from the defeats





We can say that improving your aim in Call of Duty is not a one-day-grind. It requires a player’s complete dedication and persistence. Adjusting your sensitivity, daily practice, focusing on crosshair placement, and engaging with advanced techniques can aid you in the journey to improve your aim. Remember, the more you experiment, the better gaming experience you will get. For more amazing gaming guides, visit Esports Driven.


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