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Warzone 2 Data Heist Event: How It Works & Rewards

Warzone 2 Data Heist Event: How It Works & Rewards
Written by: Shizza

There is no doubt that Ashika Island will be the star attraction of Warzone 2 Season 2 as the beloved Resurgence mode returns to Call of Duty. On the one hand, we have Battle Royale, which follows the typical last-man-standing process with an emphasis on no respawns.


However, on the other hand, we have Resurgence, which has gameplay more similar to the traditional Call of Duty multiplayer with tons of focus on respawning. The aim of Ashika Island is to bring this back in Season 2 of Warzone 2.



However, it has also delivered a new public event in the process, which is known as Data Heist. In order for you to understand the Data Heist event better, we have compiled this guide to assist you in your journey in Warzone 2.



What Is the Data Heist Event In Warzone 2?




The Data Heist event is a public event that, as of right now, is exclusive to the new Ashika Island Resurgence map and is sure to take place in each and every match. The developers have stated that Data Heist will take place “during the second circle collapse.”


They also stated that the event would make three uplink stations around the map active to players. From there on out, you will need to move to one of them and download the intel buried internally within the device.


It is important to note that resistance will arrive in the form of AI Shadow Company enemies to stop you from achieving your goal. To speed up the process, players are required to kill the soldiers, but their hard work can be undone by the opposing enemies being in close proximity to the machine or using the DDOS Field Upgrade.


As it happens with Stronghold and other such events of this nature, there are always risk and reward elements for players to consider. However, one of the key positives to consider is the rewards one will receive upon completing the Data Heist event.



Warzone 2 Data Heist event: Rewards




If a player successfully accomplishes the goal of cracking the Data Heist event in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. In that case, they are rewarded with amazing items that will help them in their journey toward a Resurgence victory, such as cash and Killstreaks.


Moreover, if a player has the nerve to complete two or even all three uplink machines, then their rewards will only get better and better. Following is the complete list of the rewards that players can get for completing the Data Heist event in Warzone 2:


  • Cash
  • XP
  • Advanced UAVs
  • Killstreaks



Once again, once you get into the battle and experience the tension of battle with so many teams around you, it will be up to you and a potential squad to decide if it is worth taking part in the event.

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