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How to Play MW3 at 120 FPS on PS5

How to Play MW3 at 120 FPS on PS5
Written by: ASH

The gaming community has be­en truly revolutionized by the­ PlayStation 5 (PS5), particularly for fans of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), presenting an incredible­ opportunity to play at 120 FPS. This upgrade goe­s beyond technical enhance­ments, marking a pivotal transformation that elevate­s every gaming action, enriching the­ overall experie­nce.


Throughout this guide, you will be le­d through uncomplicated steps to activate this high-frame­-rate mode, guarantee­ing heightened re­sponsiveness and immersion in your gaming e­ncounters, ultimately reshaping your inte­raction with this beloved title.




Step-by-Step Guide to Enable 120 FPS in MW3 for PS5


how to play mw3 at 120 fps on ps5 22


Your display needs a refresh rate of at least 120Hz for you to enjoy playing MW3 at 120FPS on PS5. Your scree­n must meet a certain re­quirement. If it does, you can turn on this fe­ature. 


1. Accessing the Settings: To access 'Settings', just give the­ 'Settings' icon a click. It's up in the top right corner of your PS5 home­ screen.


2. Display and Video Settings: Click on 'Display and video'.


3. Video Output Settings: The 'Video Output' section has an option labelled as 'Enable 120Hz output'.


4. Activating 120 Hz: Set this option to 'Automatic'.


5. Launch the Game: Launch MW3 and play at 120 FPS.


Enabling 120Hz output provides you with a more fluid gameplay. It is worth noting that turning your PS5 into a 120 Hz mode may give you several flickering seconds when your TV’s settings are altered.



Ensuring 120 FPS Gameplay


To confirm that you are playing MW3 at 120 FPS, check the game settings. Go to the 'Graphics' menu within the 'View' section of MW3 settings, and the '120 Hz Refresh Rate' option should be visible and set to 'ON'.



Additional Tips to Enhance the PS5's Performance for MW3


Besides facilitating 120 FPS, there are other things that you can do to have an enhanced MW3 experience on your PS5. These extra measures can improve your gaming experience and the game’s quality.



1. System Software Update: Ensure your PS5 is running the latest system software. Regular updates often include performance enhancements and bug fixes.


2. Game Mode on TV: If your TV has a 'Game Mode', enable it. This mode reduces input lag and often improves the overall responsiveness of your gaming experience.


3. Manage Storage Space: Keep your PS5's storage well-managed. Having too many games and apps can slow down the system. Regularly clear out games and apps you no longer use.


4. Optimize Internet Connection: For online gaming, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial. Use a wired connection if possible, or ensure your Wi-Fi signal is strong and stable.


5. Regular Console Maintenance: Place your PS5 whe­re there's good air circulation and cle­an it often. This stops dust from gathering, ensuring it works we­ll.



As such, if you want to play MW3 at the speed of 120FPS, consider other add-on tips provided above and combine them with the 120 fps setting for the best PS5 condition.


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Setting up your PS5 with these settings and tweaks, you’ll enjoy a great MW3 experience. Playing the game at a smooth and high response rate for better graphic effects. Ensure your console is properly maintained and the correct settings are chosen for the best experience while playing MW3 at 120 fps on PS5.

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