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The Best Killstreaks To Use In Modern Warfare 2

The Best Killstreaks To Use In Modern Warfare 2
Written by: Mohsin

For a long time now, Killstreaks have been a staple of Call of Duty. In Modern Warfare 2, plenty of familiar options make a return.


If you are one of the players who have been dominating your lobby, then the game will give you a choice to rain down fire and brimstone from the sky just so you can beat everyone else further down into submission.



Modern Warfare 2 features 19 different killstreaks (or scorestreaks, if you call them that), but not all of them are created equal. Players can equip a total of three in a single game. In this article, we will look at some of the best killstreaks to bring into the battlefield with us!





Top 5 Killstreaks In Modern Warfare


The killstreak you pick out depends quite a lot on your individual playstyle. Some killstreaks will reliably net you kills, whereas others benefit your team as a whole.



VTOL Jet (8 Kills)


The VTOL is among some of the most lethal killstreaks present in the game. It releases a pair of precision bombs at any location that you choose. After that, you can press “F” continuously to have it follow you as you sprint around the map.


On the other hand, you can also simply leave it to guard a specific location. It tears the players apart and provides oppressive air cover. Moreover, when enemies are busy trying their best to shoot it out of the sky, it provides the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with them.


However, similar to the Precision Airstrike present on this list, its use will be limited to maps that are played primarily indoors, such as Greenberg Hotel.



Gunship (12 Kills)


In case you are feeling a bit too confident in your ability to string together kills, the Gunship is an incredible choice. It is definitely devastating, with a laser-tracking missile and standard 40mm and 25mm canons.




Players can easily shoot through gaps in building roofs or gun down enemies out in the open, taking out several targets with only one shot. Either way, there is very little escape from this beast in the sky.


It also has the ability to destroy other killstreaks, but the only catch is that it is not as manoeuvrable or agile as the Chopper Gunner present on this list.



UAV (4 Kills)


The UAV recon ship pings your opponents and also reveals their location in the form of red dots on the minimap. It gives players plenty of value, in spite of requiring only four kills.


With the haphazard spawn locations and confusing the layout of tons of maps, the UAV can be a blessing in preventing you from getting shot in the back. However, it can be countered with the Ghost perk, so players don’t really want to rely on it entirely.


Your enemies can also simply deploy a Counter UAV that scrambles the minimap, making it difficult for you as well.





Chopper Gunner (10 Kills)


The Chopper Gunner gives players the ability to pilot an assault chopper which is armed with a turret and air-to-land missile. Your opponents are highlighted for you, so you don’t have to squint in order to find them.


However, the enemies using the Cold-Blooded perk will not be highlighted, but you will still be able to see them. You can easily double your kill count in only a single run, sending enemies fleeing about for cover.


At exactly 10 kills, it is also slightly easier to get as compared to the Gunship and nearly just as powerful.



Precision Airstrike (6 Kills)




Precision Airstrike calls in twin jets for a targeted strike at the area players mark. Contrary to the Cruise Missile, players do not have to pilot it and leave themselves vulnerable to other opponents.


However, as it does not provide any information on where your enemies might be, it is best used when your team has a UAV active or when you know for sure that enemies are present in the vicinity.


It is the most effective on open maps such as the Santa Seña Border Crossing, Taraq, and some segments of Mercado Las Almas and Zarqwa Hydroelectric.

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