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How To Get The Nuke In Warzone 2: Champions Quest Explained

How To Get The Nuke In Warzone 2: Champions Quest Explained
Written by: Shizza

Just like Multiplayer featured the beloved Nuke, Warzone 2 has also introduced it in the game, which serves as a reward for highly skilled players. Activision dropped it during the launch along with the new proximity chat, new Gulag, and the backpack system features, which spiced up the experience.


2023 01 30


As of now, multiple Warzone 2 streamers and content creators have successfully launched nukes, something that was once only a subject of leaks and speculation and is not a well-documented fact. 


Some players even do so under extreme conditions, such as one player who secured the first melee-only solo Nuke. Following is a step-by-step guide on how they pulled it off and how you can do the same as well!



How To Get A Nuke In Warzone 2


All members of your squad must coordinate well in order to get a Nuke in Warzone 2. To get the nuke in the game, players will have to complete the Champion’s Quest. The contract only appears after winning five consecutive matches.


2023 01 30_4


Follow the steps below as soon as the Champion’s Quest contract appears in your game:


  1. Locate the Champions Quest icon on the map and land near it to activate the contract.
  2. Collect three elements (Beryllium, Plutonium, and Tritium).
  3. Locate the bombsite and put all three elements into the bomb.
  4. Arm the nuke and defend the bombsite for two minutes.
  5. From there, the nuke will detonate and destroy Al Mazrah.


As soon as you land near the contract, a message will pop up on your screen that will say, “Champions Quest initiated. Assemble the nuke and destroy the Warzone.” From here on out, you only have under 27 minutes to locate the three elements.


Each and every element is marked one at a time inside a yellow circle on your map. One of the team members will be live-pinged with a crown on the map, so other teams will have a chance to prevent you from building the nuke.


2023 01 30_3


Once you have collected all three of the elements, a message will appear on your screen that will say, “bomb site revealed.” Head on over to the bombsite, put all three elements in the bomb, and then arm the nuke.



A two-minute timer will begin, and players will need to defend the bomb site, as other players will be able to defuse the nuke before it detonates. If you defent the bombsite successfully for two minutes, the nuke will go off, and the match will end.

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