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Best Fortnite Hide & Seek and Prop Hunt Map Codes (February 2023)

Best Fortnite Hide & Seek and Prop Hunt Map Codes (February 2023)
Written by: Mohsin

Creative Mode was introduced in Fortnite all the way back in 2018, and since then, it has given players the free will to create their dream maps. The players also let their imagination run wild and created many exciting maps, from Deathruns to classic Gun Games and much more!


Among the Fortnite community, one of the most famous genres of Creative Mode is Hide and Seek. Most of these maps take the form of Prop Hunts, an exciting genre that allows players to take the form of different items, such as trees and tractors, while hiding from an assigned seeker.



So, if you are looking for some of the Hide and Seek map codes to play with friends in Fortnite, then you have come to the right place!


In this article, you will find some of the most exciting map codes you can play in the game right now, from sprawling mansion murder mysteries to a retro arcade Prop Hunt that is sure to leave you feeling nostalgic.



Best Hide & Seek And Prop Hunt Map Codes In Fortnite Creative





Mountain Mansion Hide And Seek


Fatal Creations

The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek



Christmas Themed Hide and Seek



Carnival Hide and Seek



The Simpsons Prop Hunt



Friday the 13th



Prop Hunt Infinite



Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt



Mansion Murder Mystery



The Yacht Hide and Seek



Honey I Shrunk Fortnite



SpongeBob Prop Hunt



Roller Disco Prop Hunt



Home Alone Prop Hunt




There are more details about each and every individual hide and seek Fortnite map below, with information about their gameplay styles so you can decide whether they are compelling to you or not and if you wish to play them.


Every one of these map codes is full of fun and thrill, so we recommend that you give each one a try!



Mountain Mansion Hide and Seek


Map Code: 3548-1991-7161


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045412


In case you are looking for a map with a short getaway to a luxurious mansion in the mountains for a game of Hide and Seek, then this is the one you are looking for. The Mountain Mansion Hide and Seek map was created by Fatal Creations and is a brilliantly made one at that.


Up to 16 players are allowed to join this map, and there are tons of hiding places for you to discover throughout the building’s many, many rooms.



The Mall Is Closing Hide And Seek


Map Code: 3227-8700-3877


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045436


If you are a die-hard fan of the popular Netflix show, Stranger Things, then this map is the perfect one for you! The Mall is Closing Hide and Seek map put players in the famous Hawkins Starcourt Mall from the show.


Feel free to take a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s and discover all the secrets that it has to offer in this thrilling single-player experience. There are tons of different secrets and things for you to find!



Christmas Themed Hide and Seek


Map Code: 2137-7520-1857


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045456


It is never too early for you to get into that festival spirit and this map will prove that very fact for you and put you in that festive spirit! Have an exciting game of hide and seek in this snow-covered Christmas-themed map.


It is full of colorful decorations, cheers, an array of Christmas trees, and plenty of presents for you to find. The Christmas-themed Hide and Seek map is fun and festive with some amazing places to hide. What more could we possibly ask for?



Carnival Hide and Seek


Map Code: 8698-8038-7328


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045541


It is safe to say that the Carnival Hide and Seek map is among some of the best maps we have come across in Fortnite Creative. In this map, you will find everything there is at an amusement park, from a rollercoaster to a house of mirrors and even a tunnel of love.


That tunnel consists of plenty of places where players can hide, along with some others. Oh, and you can also climb up the big Ferris wheel, of course! There is no amusement in an amusement park without a Ferris wheel. 



Area 51 First Person Hide and Seek


Map Code: 4909-3532-4209


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045603


In case you want a one-of-a-kind Hide and Seek experience, then this Area 51 map delivers exactly that! Players will actually be playing in first-person mode, a perspective that is not seen a lot in Fortnite.


This map is incredibly massive, and while playing it first-person make it a little challenging for players to hide as one cannot see their character, all of it adds to the overall challenge. Grab your Alien skins to make things extra immersive and get in the map!



Friday the 13th


Map Code: 4250-7193-5946


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045646


A game of hide and seek gets even more exciting when it is mixed with a little bit of horror. The Friday the 13th Hide and Seek map is slightly different from the others, as six campers have the choice to either hide and survive the night or defeat Jason in order to win.


This map is set against the backdrop of Camp Crystal Lake from the iconic Friday the 13th movie, and it does not get any scarier than this!



The Simpsons Prop Hunt


Map Code: 8871-0352-3843


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045800


The Simpsons is everyone’s favorite animated family and is officially in the Fortnite Creative mode, so what can one want, am I right?


Although an official crossover with the Matt Groenig creation seems unlikely, the beloved series has been introduced to the Fortnite universe in the form of a Prop Hunt map that recreated the family’s iconic house. Players will even find Bart’s treehouse in the backyard!


Prop Hunt Infinite


Map Code: 7263-1478-7522


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045829


Are you searching for a generous helping of nostalgia to perfectly match your hide-and-seek antics? If yes, then Prop Hunt Infinite is the map for you to go with!


It carries players all the way back to the good ol’ days of neon arcades, full of video games, huge teddy prizes, and a fast-food outlet. Furthermore, you will also find a new Laser Tag arena on the map to keep things pretty retro.


Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt


Map Code: 0139-3586-5803


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045906


The Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt map is a highly creative Fortnite map that takes players to an indoor water park, as one can guess from the name. It consists of water slides, an ice cream vendor, and even changing rooms full of shower cubicles to give it a more realistic look.


The details in this map are fantastic, and it makes a change from the environments one would usually see in the game’s battle royale mode.



Mansion Murder Mystery


Map Code: 9850-2841-2309


Screenshot_2023 03 05_045924


The Mansion Murder Mystery Hide and Seek map is another change from the typical hide-and-seek maps. It is an incredibly designed location with huge rooms for you to explore and even a cinema.


The main story of this map is that a murderer is on the loose and innocents are supposed to work with the Detective to figure out who it is, while trying not to get eliminated themselves.



The Yacht Hide And Seek


Map Code: 2504-2038-5775


2023 03 05


With the Yacht Hide and Seek map, add a little luxury to your next round of hide and seek. This famous landmark first appeared close to Craggy Cliffs in Chapter Season 2 of Fortnite Battle Royale, and now players are allowed to visit the abandoned cargo ship once again in this Creative map.


Moreover, you will be thrilled to know that Midas’ golden statue, the jacuzzi, and Mewosicles’ private room are all still present here.



Honey I Shrunk Fortnite


Map Code: 4185-2533-4702


2023 03 05_1


Now, this map is one of the classics. Honey I Shrunk Fortnite is among some of the most imaginative maps on this list. It takes place in an average suburban house and scaling it up makes players seem small everything else feels massive.


Explore the garden and venture among huge mushrooms and gnome statues, then search for the best hiding spots inside ant hills and Venus flytraps.



SpongeBob Prop Hunt


Map Code: 9653-5730-7935


Screenshot_2023 03 05_050923


This is the perfect map for all the SpongeBob fans in Fortnite. Aside from featuring amazing underwater visuals, the whole map is nearly identical to Bikini Bottom as seen on the famous TV show.


The experience in the game is very exciting and can be a nice escape from the consistent battle royale action.



Roller Disco Prop Hunt


Map Code: 3948-7015-9316


Screenshot_2023 03 05_050941


This map features a retro 1980s theme and is definitely a prime choice when it comes to hide-and-seek maps in Fortnite Creative. With the additional mobility provided by the rollerblades, players will have to be fairly quick to hide before getting caught by one of the hunters.



Home Alone Prop Hunt


Map Code: 1468-8833-8480


Screenshot_2023 03 05_051001


There is no other place more suited to a thrilling game of Hide and Seek than the house from the iconic Home Alone. Players will not be pulling pranks as Kevin did, but you can explore the home you remember from the movie as you attempt to evade your assigned seeker with some nice Christmas vibes.



How To Load A Creative Island In Fortnite?


In case you are not sure how to use a Creative Island code in Fortnite, it is actually quite easy. Players can do this from the main menu, or when they are already in Creative mode.


Simply follow the steps below:


  1. Load up Fortnite and enter your Lobby
  2. Click on the Mode Selector on the bottom right side above the "Play!" button.

    Screenshot_2023 03 05_051135

  3. Click on the Island Code tab at the top of your screen

    Screenshot_2023 03 05_051214

  4. Type the code for the island you want to visit.

    2023 03 05_2

  5. Click Play


That is all there is to know about some of the best Hide and Seek maps in Fortnite Creative, so check them out and give them a spin!

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