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How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS in 2024

How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS in 2024
Written by: iamharoongill

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile gaming, the absence of Fortnite from the iOS App Store since 2020 has left many iPhone users pondering the question: "How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS in 2024?" The ongoing legal tussle between Apple and Epic Games culminated in the game's removal, significantly impacting the gaming community. Despite this, 2024 brings new avenues for iOS enthusiasts to dive back into the Fortnite universe.


This blog post explores innovative methods to bypass the barriers and reignite your Fortnite experience on an iPhone. From cloud gaming services to other ingenious workarounds, we'll guide you through the practical steps to ensure that Fortnite remains at your fingertips, even without direct access via the App Store. Join us as we navigate the exciting ways to keep the Fortnite adventure alive on your iOS device.




Play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS via Cloud Gaming Services




In 2024, cloud gaming has emerged as the hero for Fortnite enthusiasts who use iPhones and other iOS devices. With Fortnite still missing from the iOS App Store, cloud gaming services have provided a seamless solution to bypass this obstacle. These platforms allow gamers to stream and play Fortnite directly on their devices, regardless of the App Store's limitations. Let's delve into the prominent cloud gaming services that have made it possible to keep enjoying Fortnite on iOS.



Method 1: Play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS using Amazon Luna


If you're an iPhone user itching to get back into the Fortnite battlegrounds, Amazon Luna presents an accessible and convenient solution. In 2024, Amazon Luna has become a popular choice for playing Fortnite on iOS devices, and here's how you can join in on the fun.



Step-by-Step Guide to Using Amazon Luna for Fortnite on iOS:


  1. Subscription Requirement
  • First things first, ensure you have an active subscription to Amazon Prime or Luna+. Amazon Luna is intertwined with Amazon’s broader ecosystem, making it essential to be a subscriber to access their cloud gaming platform.
  1. Access Amazon Luna
  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone. Unlike other browsers, Safari offers the needed compatibility and support for Amazon Luna.
  • Navigate to the Amazon Luna website. You'll find it by simply searching for "Amazon Luna" in your browser.
  1. Log In
  • Upon reaching the Amazon Luna site, log in using your Amazon account credentials. Make sure this account is linked to your Prime or Luna+ subscription.
  1. Find Fortnite
  • Once logged in, your next step is to locate Fortnite. You can easily do this by using the search feature on the Luna homepage. Type in "Fortnite," and the game should appear as a playable option.
  1. Start the Game
  • Click on Fortnite, and then press the 'Start' button. This action launches the game within the Amazon Luna platform. Thanks to the cloud-based nature of Luna, you don’t have to worry about downloads or installations – it's all instantaneous.
  1. Epic Account Integration
  • As you start Fortnite, you'll be prompted to sign in using your Epic account. This step is crucial as it syncs your game progression and purchases. Whether you’ve played on a PC, console, or another platform, all your progress is carried over.
  1. Enjoy Playing
  • You’re all set! Now, you can enjoy playing Fortnite on your iPhone through Amazon Luna. The game plays just as it would on any other platform, with the added convenience of being on your mobile device.



Additional Tips for a Smooth Experience:


  • Internet Connection: Ensure you have a stable and robust internet connection for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Cloud gaming relies heavily on your network's quality.
  • Controller Compatibility: While you can play Fortnite using touch controls, for a more traditional gaming experience, you might want to connect a compatible controller via Bluetooth.
  • Battery Life: Keep an eye on your device's battery life. Cloud gaming can be more demanding on your iPhone's battery compared to standard app usage.
  • Data Usage: If you’re using mobile data, be mindful of your data consumption. Cloud gaming services can use a significant amount of data.



Method 2: Play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS using GeForce Now


For iPhone users seeking another avenue to play Fortnite in 2024, GeForce Now by Nvidia offers a compelling alternative. This method, although slightly more intricate than Amazon Luna, provides an opportunity to stream Fortnite for free. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate through the process of playing Fortnite on your iPhone using GeForce Now.



Steps to Access Fortnite via GeForce Now on iOS:


  1. Set Up an Nvidia Account
  • Before diving into the gaming experience, ensure you have an Nvidia account. If you don't have one, you can easily create it on Nvidia’s website. This account is key to accessing the GeForce Now service.
  1. Visit GeForce Now on Safari
  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone. GeForce Now is optimized to work seamlessly with Safari on iOS.
  • Go to the GeForce Now website. This is your gateway to accessing the cloud gaming service offered by Nvidia.
  1. Join GeForce Now
  • Once on the GeForce Now website, sign in with your Nvidia account.
  • Select 'Join Now' to proceed. This step is essential to access Fortnite through GeForce Now.
  1. Add GeForce Now to Your Home Screen
  • For easier access, add the GeForce Now webpage to your iPhone’s home screen. You can do this by tapping the Share button in Safari and selecting 'Add to Home Screen.'
  • This creates a shortcut, allowing you to open GeForce Now directly from your home screen.
  1. Launch Fortnite
  • Open GeForce Now from your home screen.
  • Search for Fortnite within the service. It should be readily available as one of the supported games.
  • Click on 'Play.' This will launch Fortnite within the GeForce Now platform.
  1. Link Your Epic Games Account
  • When prompted, log in with your Epic Games account. This step is crucial for accessing your Fortnite profile, including your progression and in-game purchases.
  1. Play Fortnite
  • After successful login, you’re ready to play Fortnite on your iPhone. The game will stream directly from Nvidia’s servers, providing a full gaming experience on your mobile device.



Important Considerations:


  • Free vs. Premium Subscription: GeForce Now offers a free tier, but it limits your session to one hour. For extended play, consider upgrading to a premium subscription, which offers longer session lengths and additional benefits.
  • Internet Connection: A stable and high-speed internet connection is vital for a smooth gaming experience, as GeForce Now streams games over the internet.
  • Controller Compatibility: For an enhanced gaming experience, consider using a compatible game controller connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
  • Data Usage Awareness: Be aware of your data consumption, especially if you’re using a mobile data connection. Streaming games can use a significant amount of data.
  • Battery Usage: Playing games via cloud streaming services can drain your battery faster than usual. Keep your charger handy for longer gaming sessions.




Method 3: Play Fortnite on iPhone using XCloud


In 2024, iPhone and iOS users have a third viable option to continue their Fortnite adventures through XCloud, Xbox's cloud gaming service. This method integrates the convenience of mobile gaming with the comprehensive experience of console play. Here's how you can get started with playing Fortnite on your iPhone using XCloud.



Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing Fortnite via XCloud on iOS:


  1. Xbox Account Requirement
  • To use XCloud, you need an Xbox account. If you don't already have one, it's easy to create an account through the Xbox website. This account is your key to accessing the wide range of games available on XCloud, including Fortnite.
  1. Navigate to the Xbox Cloud Gaming Site
  • Open the Safari browser on your iPhone. XCloud is optimized for use with Safari on iOS devices.
  • Visit the Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) website. This is your gateway to playing console games, including Fortnite, on your iPhone.
  1. Find Fortnite
  • Once on the XCloud site, search for Fortnite. It should be prominently displayed as one of the available games.
  • Click on the 'Play For Free' button. This will take you to the page where you can start your Fortnite session.
  1. Add XCloud to Your Home Screen
  • For easier access in the future, add the XCloud page to your iPhone’s home screen. Tap the Share button in Safari and select 'Add to Home Screen.'
  • This creates a shortcut, allowing you to quickly launch XCloud and jump into Fortnite.
  1. Launch the Game
  • Access XCloud from your home screen.
  • Sign in to your Microsoft Account if prompted.
  • Locate Fortnite on XCloud and tap 'Play' to start the game.
  1. Link Epic Games Account
  • You'll be asked to link your Epic Games account. This is important for accessing your Fortnite profile, which includes your in-game progress and purchases.
  1. Gameplay Experience
  • Now, you're ready to enjoy Fortnite on your iPhone. XCloud allows for gameplay using touch controls, but for a better experience, you might prefer connecting a compatible game controller via Bluetooth.
  • The game runs as it would on a console, streamed directly to your iPhone, offering a full and immersive gaming experience.



Key Points to Remember:


  • Internet Connection Quality: A stable and fast internet connection is essential for a seamless experience, as XCloud streams games over the web.
  • Controller Use: While optional, using a game controller can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, providing the feel of console gaming on your iPhone.
  • Data Usage: Be cautious of your data consumption, particularly if you’re using a cellular connection, as streaming games can be data-intensive.
  • Battery Considerations: Cloud gaming can drain your battery more quickly than other activities. Keep your charger handy, especially during extended play sessions.



The Future of Fortnite on the iOS App Store


As of 2024, the question of "How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS" remains intricately tied to the ongoing absence of the game from the iOS App Store. This situation stems from the well-publicized legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games, which led to the game's removal back in 2020. Despite various alternative methods to play the game on iOS devices, many users are still hopeful for a direct return of Fortnite to the App Store. Let's explore the potential future of Fortnite on the iOS platform.



Current Status and Speculations


  • No Official Return Yet: As of early 2024, there has been no official announcement or indication from either Apple or Epic Games about Fortnite's return to the App Store. This continued absence has led to various speculations and rumors within the gaming community.
  • Legal Proceedings and Negotiations: The core issue stems from legal and policy disagreements between the two companies. Any potential return of Fortnite to the App Store would likely require significant negotiations and potential policy changes by either or both parties.



Potential Scenarios for Fortnite's Return


  1. Resolution of Legal Disputes: The most straightforward path to Fortnite's return would be a resolution of the legal disputes between Apple and Epic Games. If both companies reach a mutual agreement, it could pave the way for the re-listing of Fortnite on the App Store.
  2. Policy Changes by Apple: Apple could potentially alter its App Store policies, specifically those that were at the center of the dispute with Epic Games. Such changes might allow Fortnite, and other similar games to return under new terms.
  3. New Version or Collaboration: Another possibility is the introduction of a new version of Fortnite specifically designed to comply with the App Store's policies. This could be a result of a collaboration between Apple and Epic Games.



Impact on the Gaming Community


  • Player Base and Accessibility: The absence of Fortnite from the App Store affects millions of gamers who primarily use iOS devices. A return would significantly increase the game's accessibility and potentially boost its player base.
  • Future of Mobile Gaming and App Policies: The outcome of this situation could set a precedent for future mobile gaming and app store policies, influencing how games are distributed and monetized on mobile platforms.





As we've explored in 2024, "How to play Fortnite on iPhone and iOS" remains a topic of keen interest due to its continued absence from the App Store. Through innovative solutions like Amazon Luna, GeForce Now, and XCloud, iPhone users can still enjoy the thrill of Fortnite. These methods offer a workaround to the ongoing Apple-Epic Games standoff and showcase the versatility and adaptability of cloud gaming technology.


While the future of Fortnite on the iOS App Store is uncertain, these alternative routes ensure that the game remains accessible to its dedicated fan base. For iPhone gamers, the battle royale continues, with these cloud gaming platforms keeping the spirit of Fortnite alive and well in the iOS ecosystem.

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