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Top 5 Best Fortnite Dropper Codes

Top 5 Best Fortnite Dropper Codes
Written by: Mohsin

Since Fortnite took the gaming world by storm, its developers have been finding various ways to make the gaming experience even better for the players. What really intrigued us was the addition of the mode called “Creative mode,” in which all the tools and resources were provided, so the players could do and build whatever they wanted in it.

Players can use this mode to cool down after a tough match since they are free to do whatever they want and can go back stronger to the real match. The players themselves can build any map they want, however they want it.

Dropper maps are one of the many types of maps that are created and played by Fortnite map makers in Creative mode. The players have to jump from a height down through a path filled with obstacles. The goal is to reach the ground without hitting any of them.

When a Dropper map starts, players will find themselves on a height and should be ready to jump. While one is free-falling, they should be sure to use the openings in between the objects to make it through the level and land on the bounce pads, so they don’t die from fall damage.

There are different types of Dropper maps in this mode, each one unique in its own way with different obstacles and different strategies that can be applied.

Top 5 Best Fortnite Dropper Codes

Here are the Top 5 Best Dropper Maps and their codes in Fortnite:


  1. Variety Dropper: 3547-1699-5825
  2. Rainbow Dropper: 0196-4943-5490
  3. Dropper De L'Impossible: 8747-2781-6999
  4. Low Gravity Dropper 5.0: 1941-1312-0540
  5. Theme Dropper: 0425-4198-3533




1. Variety Dropper

Island Code: 3547-1699-5825


This fun and exciting Dropper map was made by the well-known mapmaker 2VOID. The Variety Dropper map consists of ten different levels, each level more challenging than the last. It can be easily played by rookies as well as pros as long as they take a strategic approach.

This map is built in a very technical way, with openings in corners or in the middle at times. One needs to be absolutely prepared for this map and should look at the obstacles carefully before jumping. It also requires quick thinking in order to predict where the next opening will be.

The objective of this map is to pass through different tiles and different cars (which act as obstacles) without hitting them. Once you hit these obstacles, the map is reset from the same level in which you died. You win once you pass through all of the levels without so much as a scratch.



2. Rainbow Dropper 2.0

Island Code: 0196-4943-5490


This specific map was created by a Youtuber as well as a gamer known as “Henwy.” He brought many different colors into the mix, along with new and advanced obstacles. The obstacles are very difficult to make out from the top of the platform, and you need to have good reflexes to complete this course.

This map also comprises ten levels, and completion of all of them marks you as the winner. Once you start the game, you need to move around and dodge the obstacles quickly, or you will die in no time.



3. Dropper De L'Impossible

Dropper De L'Impossible 1 Island Code: 8747-2781-6999

Dropper De L'Impossible 2 Island Code: 8852-0483-3945




At times, a mapmaker makes one version of a map which is really liked by the players that they make another version of the same map. Dropper De L’Impossible is one of those maps which consists of two versions of the same Dropper map.

This dropper is especially for those players out there who love challenges. Dropper De L’Impossible is one of the most challenging and difficult dropper maps out there. It consists of many tricky obstacles, and to make the course even harder; it has lasers in it.

When touched by a player, the lasers instantly kill the person, forcing them to repeat the same level again and again until you pass. This map consists of many twists and turns, and one has to be very strategic when going through the obstacles along with a keen eye. The obstacles overlap, making it difficult to determine where the openings are.




4. Low Gravity Dropper 5.0

Island Code: 1941-1312-0540


It is pretty hard to find a Dropper map that really challenges your skills since they all look pretty similar. Low Gravity Dropper is one of the few droppers that brings updates and confuses a player till the very end.

The openings are so hard to figure out since the tiles, i.e., the obstacles, all have the same color from top to bottom, so you just have to take a leap of faith and judge from the ledge. You need to have really sharp eyesight and memory to remember and look for these openings while you are in free-fall motion.


5. Theme Dropper

Island Code: 0425-4198-3533



This particular dropper map is amusing and exciting to play as it consists of different sceneries from forests to fires to railway tracks to different vehicles suspended in the air. It literally has it all in one simple map! The Theme Dropper allows the players to enjoy their surroundings as they are free-falling to the ground.

Although just one second of losing focus could eliminate a person from the game, but that is the trickiness of the game. You absolutely can’t lose your focus despite the amazing background! You might find it hard to focus on the path and the obstacles alone. Yes, the maker of this map might truly be evil!

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