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Best Resources To Collect First in Lego Fortnite

Best Resources To Collect First in Lego Fortnite
Written by: iamharoongill

In the realm of survival-crafting games, Lego Fortnite emerges as a standout, weaving the thrill of exploration with the necessity of resource management. For newcomers, navigating this vibrant yet challenging world can be overwhelming, with survival hinging on the strategic collection of resources. From the foundational wood and granite to the elusive Knotroot and Shells, each material unlocks new recipes and possibilities.


This guide illuminates the essential resources players should prioritize to streamline their journey from novice to seasoned survivor. Whether you're crafting your first tool or fortifying your base, understanding which resources to collect first is pivotal in Lego Fortnite. Join us as we delve into the must-have materials to kickstart your adventure in this dynamic landscape.




Top Resources You Need First in Lego Fortnite


Embarking on your journey within the expansive world of Lego Fortnite, the key to thriving lies in the wise selection of resources from the get-go. Here, we spotlight the essential materials that should top your collection list, ensuring a smooth transition from a fledgling survivor to a fortress-building, creature-battling virtuoso.



1. Wood and Granite




Wood and Granite stand as the bedrock of your survival toolkit. Much like the first steps taken in Minecraft, gathering these resources is akin to laying the foundation of your Lego Fortnite empire. Early in the game, scouting the landscape for loose granite rocks and sticks proves to be a fruitful endeavor, sparing you the initial struggle of having to mine or chop down trees without basic tools.


These materials are indispensable, serving different uses that include the crafting of essential tools such as wooden axes, pickaxes, and the rudimentary but vital shortswords. Beyond weaponry and tool creation, wood and granite are pivotal in erecting your initial structures and crafting stations like Crafting Benches and Lumber Mills, which are crucial for advancing through the game and unlocking further crafting capabilities. The transformation of wood into Planks marks a significant step in resource refinement, enabling the construction of more sophisticated buildings and crafting requirements.



2. Milk or Eggs




While not immediately apparent as survival essentials, Milk and Eggs offer a lifeline in the early stages of your adventure. In a world where most nourishing foods necessitate preparation at a Crafting Station, these items provide a straightforward means to replenish health. The act of befriending animals, such as petting cows for milk and chickens for eggs, not only secures these vital resources but also introduces an element of strategy in resource gathering.


The significance of Milk and Eggs extends beyond their simplicity; they restore a substantial 66% of your total health, crucial for survival in the early game when players are most vulnerable. This feature makes them an invaluable asset for new players navigating the challenges of Lego Fortnite, ensuring that they can maintain their health as they explore, gather, and craft their way through the game.



3. Pumpkins




In the world of Lego Fortnite, Pumpkins emerge as an unexpectedly powerful resource for nourishment. Unlike other raw foods such as Corn or Raspberries, Pumpkins stand out for their efficiency in replenishing your hunger bar. Each Pumpkin heals one heart of health, a modest amount that is significantly compensated by their abundance and a max stack size of 30. This means you can carry a substantial amount without sacrificing valuable inventory space.


The real game-changer with Pumpkins is their ability to replenish five hunger points each, making them an efficient food source. It only takes four Pumpkins to completely satiate your hunger, ensuring you're always ready for the next challenge. Their widespread availability makes them an essential resource for early survival, providing a reliable means to maintain your health as you embark on your journey through Lego Fortnite.



4. Bones




As night falls or you explore the cavernous depths, you'll inevitably encounter Skeletons. These foes are more than just a nuisance; they are a crucial source of Bones, a resource with a myriad of uses. Engaging these skeletal adversaries, either by yourself or with the help of a villager, yields Bones, which are indispensable for upgrading various items in the game.


The initial priority for using Bones should be to craft Health Charms, enhancing your defensive capabilities and increasing your maximum health. This upgrade is vital for surviving the increasing dangers of Lego Fortnite. Additionally, Bones are essential for crafting upgraded tools, allowing you to harvest superior resources more efficiently. Their utility in enhancing your survivability and crafting potential makes Bones a resource you'll want to stockpile.



5. Vines




Vines are a versatile resource found by harvesting or destroying a variety of plants, including the aforementioned Pumpkins and various bushes. Their wide range of applications makes them invaluable as you progress through the game. Vines can be processed into a Cord at the Spinning Wheel, a component essential for crafting Crossbows and Knight Shields, among other items. Furthermore, combining them with wood allows you to make Torches, which are useful for illuminating dark spaces and necessary for keeping warm.


The utility of Vines extends to decorative purposes as well, serving as a wick for candles that add a personal touch to your base. With a max stack size of 30, Vines are a lightweight yet impactful resource, versatile in their use and efficient in storage. Collecting Vines will undoubtedly bolster your crafting repertoire, enabling a wider range of crafting possibilities and enhancing your survival strategies in Lego Fortnite.



6. Wolf Claws




Encounters with the fierce Wolves of Lego Fortnite are inevitable, but these confrontations offer more than just a test of bravery. Defeating these formidable creatures yields Wolf Claws, a resource instrumental in advancing your crafting capabilities. Wolf Claws are the key to constructing a Spinning Wheel, an essential piece of equipment that allows players to create Thread, Rope, and other fibrous materials vital for various crafting needs.


Moreover, Wolf Claws can be used to craft basic Health Charms, which are crucial for boosting your defense and adding an extra heart to your maximum health bar. Their utility extends to the crafting of upgraded weapons and tools, ensuring that players have the necessary equipment to face more daunting challenges ahead. Gathering Wolf Claws not only signifies your prowess in combat but also secures a vital resource for your crafting and survival endeavors.



7. Roller Shells




The Rollers, crab-like creatures roaming the lands of Lego Fortnite, pose a significant challenge to players, especially those without upgraded weaponry. However, the reward for overcoming these adversaries is the coveted Roller Shells. These shells are an integral component in crafting advanced items, including upgraded Health Charms and enhancements to your Work Bench, allowing for a broader array of crafting options and furthering your progress in the game.


The strategic defeat of Rollers to obtain their shells demonstrates the importance of preparation and skill in combat, as well as the significance of these resources in advancing your crafting capabilities. Roller Shells are a testament to a player's ability to face and overcome the challenges that Lego Fortnite presents, paving the way for crafting superior items that bolster survival and combat efficiency.



8. Knotwood and Marble




Among the rarer resources in Lego Fortnite, Knotwood and Marble stand out for their utility in crafting and construction. Found within the depths of cave systems, these materials require upgraded tools for extraction, specifically those enhanced with Bones. Knotwood and Marble are foundational for crafting advanced structures and tools, signifying a player's progression to more sophisticated stages of gameplay.


Refining Knotwood into Knotroot Rods at your Lumber Mill is essential for crafting better swords and tools, while Marble is pivotal in constructing a Stone Breaker. This advancement allows players to build stronger structures and fortifications, securing their base against the increasing threats of the game's environment. The acquisition and utilization of Knotwood and Marble mark a significant milestone in a player's journey and enhance their ability to thrive and expand within the world of Lego Fortnite.





Navigating the vast and vibrant world of Lego Fortnite, the strategic collection of resources is paramount to survival and progression. From the foundational wood and granite to the advanced knotwood and marble, each resource plays a crucial role in your journey. Whether crafting your first tool, cooking your first meal, or building an impenetrable fortress, prioritizing these essential materials ensures a smoother and more enjoyable experience. Embrace the adventure, armed with the knowledge of what to collect first, and watch as your skills and capabilities flourish in the dynamic landscape of Lego Fortnite.

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