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The Best Fortnite Live Events That Have Happened To This Day!

The Best Fortnite Live Events That Have Happened To This Day!
Written by: Shizza

Since the beginning, Fortnite has been introducing amazing and stunning live events to its player base. These events offer an experience that players would not be able to get in real life and often feature their favorite musical artists.


The Fortnite metaverse has only grown in the last couple of years, as well as famous celebrities like Travis Scott, Marshmello, Ariana Grande, and more, through several collaborations taking place on the video game’s interactive island.


Furthermore, the game has also brought original live events to its fans that concluded a particular season and amazingly led into the next one.



Although the past live events in Fortnite have been pretty dynamic, the following is a list of eight of them that were considered as many levels above from the rest and blew the roof off the place.



The Best Fortnite Live Events


1. Travis Scott’s Astronomical (Chapter 2 Season 2)




The ultimate Fortnite live event that surpassed all of the rest is none other than Travis Scott’s Astronomical, which was featured in Chapter 2 Season 2. The musical artist bestowed Astroworld upon Sweaty Sands as loopers enjoyed the artist’s hit tracks.


He also performed everywhere across the POI in his huge avatar. Travis Scott took the loopers on a journey with him that they had never experienced before in a live concert, from walking on water to swimming underwater as well as floating in space.


This is one of the reasons why Astronomical is regarded as the best event that features a musical artist to ever take place in Fortnite.



2. The Final Showdown (Chapter 1 Season 9)




The Final Showdown, which took place in Chapter 1 Season 9, is considered one of the best Fortnite live events to ever come to the game. This event was no less than a Transformers film. This was the very first time that players saw the Polar Peak Monster, Cattus, walk on the island like a giant.


Furthermore, Mecha arrived in the game in a heroic style to their rescue. As the event went on, Cattus ripped off Mecha’s arm as the latter grabbed the Zero Point and channeled its energy to punch the monster.




Eventually, Mecha revealed that his blade was underground and stabbed Cattus right in the head. The battle between the two was a show that was one to witness as Mecha flossed his way to victory. Ultimately, the robotic giant flew into space and was never seen again in the game until Collision in Chapter 3.



3. Operation Skyfire (Chapter 2 Season 7)




Operation Skyfire is considered one of the longest Fortnite events to take place in the game. Loopers were given the task by Agent Slone of the Imagined Order to blow the Kymera Mothership as it was rigged with explosives.


This event saw the player’s backpack acting as the remote detonator. Loopers went inside the mothership after navigating their path away from the Kymera aliens and reached a safe point where they saw Bluevin (the clue version of Kevin the Cube).



This was one of the turning points in the video game. However, eventually, Slone betrays the loopers for her own motives involving the island and leaves the players stuck inside the ship. While they were looking for a way to escape, the loopers saw many more cubes light up.


It marked the arrival of The Last Reality on the island. Since the ship exploded, millions of cubes fell on the island, and loopers crashed on it, along with the mothership.


The live event made players realize the exact potential the game had, and some even wished for Epic Games to make Operation Skyfire into a fully-fledged Single Player game. This was because it greatly impressed the Fortnite community and set the bar for the future of the game’s live events pretty high.



4. The Devourer Of Worlds (Chapter 2 Season 4)




The Devourer of Worlds also called the Galactus live event, started off the finale for the entirely Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4. For the very first time, players got to drive the Battle Bus and went up against Galactus, and, owing to Tony Stark’s tech, won the combat.


The live event featured the Marvel heroes teaming up with players to go up against the giant villain who tried channeling the power of Zero Point since it kept fighting back. Ultimately, the players rode the bus, which was rigged with explosives right into his mouth and knocked him out.




This event became famous because of its dynamic gameplay offered in the style of a Marvel film that had various elements, such as Stark’s rock music, to keep the loopers on the edge of their seats.



5. The End (Chapter 1 Season X)




The End took place in Chapter Season X of Fortnite and is the live event that changed the future of Fortnite. In the event, players witnessed a barrage of rockets blast through various riflts several times while a huge meteor descended towards the island.




Eventually, it hit the Zero Point, which completely sucked the island into a black hole and took the game offline for more than two days. This was how Epic Games started the second chapter of the game; The End revolutionalized the game forever.



6. Showtime ft. Marshmello - Live at Pleasant Park (Chapter 1 Season 7)




Marshmello’s Showtime was the first-ever concert to take place on the island at Pleasant Park. While the artist performed for players on a stage, they saw that the POI (Point Of Interest) was decorated like an actual concert venue.




The loopers danced around and emoted on Marshmello’s most popular tracks, including his most recent one at that time featuring rapper Logic: Every day. This live event started off the trend of concerts in a virtual metaverse such as that of Fortnite.


There has been nothing since then that has matched the excitement inspired by this specific event. The masked singer truly brought the party to the game in Chapter 1 Season 7.



7. Rift Tour ft. Ariana Grande (Chapter 2 Season 6)




Ariana Grande’s Rift Tour was one of the best-ever concerts to take place in Fortnite, which presented several noteworthy moments. The Chapter 2 Season 6 live event began smoothly and took the gamers on a journey across various biomes scattered across the multiverse.




A major highlight of the Rift Tour was when loopers rode an X4-Stormwing and destroyed the Storm King. Ariana looked like a queen throughout the event and left her fans, as well as loopers, who were surrounded by gorgeous imagery, in awe of her voice.


All of this combined made the Rift Tour one of the best events ever to be featured in Fortnite history.



8. Star Wars: Live at Risky Reels (Chapter 2 Season 1)




A major live event of Chapter 2 took place before the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and marked an official collaboration between the movie franchise and Chapter 2.


Star Wars: Live at Risky Reels started off with a Millenium Falcom fighting against the Tie Fighters on the island and eventually landing in the middle of Risky Reels. Subsequently, the director of the ninth Star Wars film, J.J Abrams, was introduced by Geoff Keighley.



The former asked the gamers to vote for a scene they wished to see from Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. Afterward, the clip was shown on the big screen in the game. As he departed in the Falcon, players saw a chest get introduced, which added one of the most revolutionary Mythic items in Fortnite, known as The Lightsabers.


That is all there is to know about some of the best live events that took place in Fortnite Battle Royale. There might be many more in the future, so keep an eye out for those, as they will be much bigger and better!

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