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Roblox: All Potions and Recipes in Wacky Wizards

Roblox: All Potions and Recipes in Wacky Wizards
Written by: iamharoongill

Welcome fellow wizards and potion enthusiasts! If you've been swept up in the magical mayhem of Roblox Wacky Wizards as we have, then you're in the right place. Whether you're a novice sorcerer still getting used to your wand, or a master alchemist seeking to unlock every secret concoction, we've got something for everyone in this comprehensive guide. Today, we delve into the whimsical world of Roblox Wacky Wizards, exploring all potions and recipes that this captivating game has to offer.


Every potion you brew has the power to alter your character's abilities or even transform your character altogether. Whether you're seeking to run at lightning speed, morph into an animal, or command the elements themselves, there's a potion out there just waiting to be brewed by you. So, ready your cauldrons and sort your ingredients because we're about to take a magical journey through the art of potion making in the enthralling realm of Roblox Wacky Wizards!




Wacky Wizards in Roblox


Roblox Wacky Wizards is an immersive, free-to-play game created by the talented team at Foryxe. It is one of the many imaginative experiences available on the Roblox platform. As a player, you take on the role of a wizard or witch and start your magical journey by brewing a vast variety of potions, from the simple to the extraordinary.




In the enchanting world of Wacky Wizards, the gameplay revolves around an island that's filled with a range of unique ingredients. By combining these ingredients in your cauldron, you create potions that lead to a myriad of exciting effects. Players can experiment with thousands of different combinations, resulting in a game that's full of creativity and exploration.


One of the key features of Wacky Wizards is the collaborative nature of the game. You can share your potion recipes with other players and learn from their discoveries, fostering a rich and vibrant community of young wizards and witches.



List of All Potions and Recipes in Wacky Wizards









1. Speedy

Giraffe Hoof

Speed your character up

2. Squirting

Rotten Sandwich

Uh oh! Poo Poo!

3. Pool Noodley

Pool Noodle

Give yourself noodle arms!

4. Tiny


Make yourself smaller

5. Flounder


Flop like a fish!

6. Floating


Get lighter!

7. Explosive



8. Zombie


Become a zombie!

9. Warty


Get warts

10. Camouflage


Camouflage to your surroundings

11. Giant

Giant's Ear

Become huge

12. Hot


Catch on fire!

13. Beany


mhmmm beannnnnsss

14. Jandel

Jandel's Head

Become Jandel (Creator)

15. Foryxe

Foryxe's Head

Become Foryxe (Creator)

16. Cleetus

Cleetus's Hat

Become Flamingo

17. Identity Theft


Clone yourself

18. Unresolved Size

Fairy + Giant's Ear

Keep getting smaller and bigger

19. Enlarged Head

Brain + Giant's Ear

Grow your head

20. Tiny Head

Brain + Fairy

Shrink your head

21. Tall Potion

Giraffe Hoof + Giant's Ear

Get Taller

22. Shrink Ray

Chameleon + Fairy

Shrink yourself to death

23. Leg Day

Giraffe Hoof + Fairy

Get tiny legs

24. Wide Load

Beans + Giant's Ear


25. Iron

Pool Noodle + Giant's Ear

Get big arms!

26. Long Neck

Giraffe Hoof + Pool Noodle

Long neck!

27. Centipede

Pool Noodle + Spider

Become a centipede

28. Digging

Pool Noodle + Beans

Become a worm

29. Rocket

Dynamite + Bird

Prepare for liftoff!

30. Bald

Brain + Chilli

Burn off your accessories

31. Fire Walking

Bird + Chilli

Walk on fire!

32. Fire Breathing

Rotten Sandwich + Chilli

Breath fire!

33. Swim

Bird + Fish

Swim in the air!

34. Mermaid

Fairy + Fish

Become a mermaid

35. Puffed

Beans + Fish

Become a puffer fish

36. Octo

Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish

Become an octopus

37. Air Jumper

Bird + Giraffe Hoof

Double Jump

38. Bang

Brain + Giant's Ear + Dynamite

Grow... THEN BANG Your HEAD!

39. Ticking

Brain + Dynamite

Head explosion... ouch

40. Bouncy

Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite

Explode your feet

41. Firework

Pool Noodle + Dynamite

Turn yourself into a firework

42. Exploding Squirts

Rotten Sandwich + Dynamite


43. Popping

Beans + Dynamite


44. Speckled

Spider + Chameleon

Rainbow colored warts

45. Ragdoll

Brain + Rotten Sandwich


46. Limp

Pool Noodle + Rotten Sandwich

Go limp...

47. Slowing Hoof

Giraffe Hoof + Rotten Sandwich

Walk slower

48. Giant Squirts

Giant's Ear + Rotten Sandwich


49. Cloning Farts

Fairy + Rotten Sandwich

Poo mini-me versions of yourself

50. Buirts

Beans + Rotten Sandwich

I don't feel so well

51. Invisible

Brain + Chameleon

Turn invisible

52. Invisible

Brain + Chameleon + Brain

Spoookkky no more head!

53. Legged

Giraffe Hoof + Spider

Grow spider legs

54. Minions

Fairy + Spider

Have spider minions!

55. Ghostly

Bird + Spider

Turn into a ghost

56. Banana

Beans + Giant's Ear + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy


57. Loong Head

Brains + Beans


58. High-heel

Giraffe Hoof + Giant's Ear + Giraffe Hoof

Wear high heels!

59. Doppleganger

You + Chameleon

Become your neighbours!

60. Headwards

You + Brain

Turn your head upside down!

61. Upside Down

You + Brain + You

Turn yourself upside down!

62. Wizard

Jandel's Head + Foryxe's Head

Become Oz the Wizard!

63. Heatseeking

Dynamite + Bird + Dynamite

Dangerous flying

64. Sally

Pool Noodle + Cleetus's Hat

Become earthworm sally...

65. Nuclear

Dynamite + Giant's Ear

Be careful not to touch anything!

66. Levitate

Bird + Fairy


67. Skinny

Giraffe Hoof + Giant's Ear + Fairy

Be skinny!

68. Rolling

You + Pool Noodle


69. Bouncy

Giraffe Hoof + Dynamite + Beans


70. Crumbly

Chameleon + Beans

You've eaten so many beans that you become them

71. Robux


Drop a trail of Robux!

72. Empyreus

Robux + Brain

Get a Dominus Empyreus!

73. Link

Robux + You

Become the richest player on ROBLOX!

74. Hat-grower

Robux + Giant's Ear

Grow your accessories

75. Buxly

Robux + Chameleon

You are so rich you have become the bux

76. Korblox

Robux + Giraffe Hoof

Get Korblox!

77. Sketch


Become Sketch!

78. Jayingee


Become Jayingee!

79. Flybux

Robux + Bird

Become a flying ROBUC!





Roblox's Wacky Wizards presents a diverse array of potions and recipes that players can explore, offering a unique gaming experience filled with creativity and surprises. Each potion, with its special recipe, enables a unique transformation or ability, ranging from making your character become invisible to transforming into a zombie.


Understanding these recipes significantly enhances your gameplay, allowing you to fully immerse in the whimsical world of Wacky Wizards. As the game continues to evolve, one can only anticipate what other magical potions and wacky transformations await eager players. Stay tuned, and keep brewing!

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