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Valorant Icebox Map Callouts Guide (with images)

Valorant Icebox Map Callouts Guide (with images)
Image Credit: Blitz.GG
Written by: carrico14

Icebox is considered the most attacking side map in the game. For quite some time a lot of players, casual and professional have been asking for a change in the map design. 


Icebox gimmick is its ropes, just like Split.  




These are all the default and basic callouts on Icebox. However, this image doesn't show you some of the most used callouts in ranked. If you want to learn how to play Icebox check out our VALORANT Icebox Map Guide.


So let's take a deep dive and see the most used and detailed callouts on Icebox. 



A Bombsite Callouts on Icebox


valorant Icebox a site callouts 1original



From Belt, you can watch most of the Bombsite. It's a common position to play with an operator and try an early pick. It allows you to shoot and fall back to safety.



Gate is a very common spot to play after plant. It allows you to pick and get back into safety forcing the opponents to push you. 



It gives you a good view of the bombsite. It also allows you to catch the ropes into the back of the bombsite. It's also a very good place to play post-plant from. 



It allows you to see towards Nest. You can also see the players that are coming from the attackers spawn or the A bombsite.



On pipes, you can see the players that are on the back of the bombsite. You can see to screens, generator, hell. It gives you one of the best views of the bombsite while being relatively safe.


valorant Icebox a site callouts 2original



It connects the defender's spawn to the A bombsite. From Heaven, you can see to Belt, Pipes, and Nest. It's a very common spot used by operator players in order to get a pick and fall back. 



It's located under Heaven. It connects to screens.



It's used as cover. You can pick from the generator and then fall back to cover. Generator is also one of the most common plant spots. 



It connects mid and defender spawn to the A bombsite. From screens, you see Heaven and Hell. 


Top Site:

It's where you can catch the rope to Nest. From there you have a really good angle from every player that comes from A main. It's also a very common spot for operator players.



It's the path that connects to the left part of the bombsite. From Maze, you can hear the players coming from screens and near generator. You can pick to generator or screens and then fall back to cover.



B Bombsite Callouts on Icebox


valorant Icebox b site callouts 1original



The most commonly used plant spot.



It connects B halls to the top of the B bombsite. It's one of the quickest ways to get to the B bombsite for the defenders. 


Top Site:

From Top Site you can see to Yellow. You are able to watch the cross of the attackers to the bombsite while being safe and able to reposition easily.


valorant Icebox b site callouts 2original



It's mostly used as a very forward defense position by the defenders. It's a very hard angle to clear, and the chance of the player in cubby to take at least one enemy player with him is very high. However, he will most likely be treated since he has nowhere to run.  



Also used as an advanced position by the defenders. It gives you cover to the bombsite, especially to the attacker players. Its normally used as a post plant spot for the attackers since you are safe, and forces the defenders to push you. 



A position mainly used by the attackers that allows them to see the whole bombsite, and hold a really good angle for the defenders coming from B snowman.



Mid Callouts on Icebox


valorant Icebox mid callouts 3original_1



It connects to Kitchen. It also allows some agents like Omen and Jett to host on top of tube, being able to see to the defender's Spawn and the B bombsite. 



The defenders can see mid from boiler. It allows them to see the attacking players crossing to tube. It's a very safe place to play form since the attacker sonly see your head and you can fall back to safety and reposition.



 It connects the attacker's spawn to Mid, and Mid to tube. From Blue, you see to boiler and tube.

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