What does OP, FF, MB and RIP mean in Valorant?

What does OP, FF, MB and RIP mean in Valorant?
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These terms players use very often. They help to give a quick and clear assessment of the situation that occurred in the round or in the whole game.



What does "OP" mean in VALORANT?


OP or overpowered in gaming means that something is broken, better than the other, etc. It can be agent, weapon or spell. This overpowered thing must be nerfed in a future for 100%.


As an example, Brimstone's Stim Beacon was overpowered after patch 4.04, cause it cost only 100 credits. In patch 4.05, Riot reduced the number of Stim Beacons to 1, and increased the cost to 200 credits. 



What does "FF" mean in VALORANT?

FF or forfeit, it’s a call for players, who are losing with a huge score, to end the match quickly by voting for surrender. As example, your team losing 0:10, and your enemy writing in all chat “ff”. That is, he grows you to give up, because he believes that the game is over for you.




What does "MB" mean in VALORANT?

The term "mb" stands for "maybe". It’s used when player give estimated information about the location of the enemy (mb site or haven). Also, it’s used when player give info about enemy’s hp (mb 50 hp). For convenience, only two letters are spoken and written - mb, in order to convey information faster.



What does "RIP" mean in VALORANT?

The term "RIP" stands for “Rest in peace”. In real life, this term used to say one hopes a person who has died will have peace in death. In the game, players usually using “Rip” in chat, when they understand that life of their teammates comes to an end, and he will not win this round.


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