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What is Tournament Mode in Valorant?

What is Tournament Mode in Valorant?
Written by: Weeii

The Future Of Competitive Valorant


Riot has made an announcement that drove all of the fanbase and the community into excitement, waiting for this to come true and in a good way. We’re talking about The Tournament “Premier” mode of VALORANT. 




This tournament mode is delivered as an in-game future with the name Premier, serving to become a goal beyond ranked, beyond radiant for those who are competitive hungry. The Pro scene has been around for a while, but it’s always harder to get into it for the regular player, for that riot has decided to make the regular -average- player able to merge into this scene and possibly become a professional. 




How Does It Work?


We cannot tell for sure how it’s going to work after it’s completely done, but since there has been testing and some information shared about this mode we can get a hint of the system it has. 


At first, you’ll be asked to create a team. Adding a team name and tag, your team members, and some customizability such as changing icon and so on.


create team_01_name tag_en_Resized


Once you’ve created your team, you will be placed in a season division where you’ll play several mixed matches on a weekly basis. Every season lasts a few weeks, in which you’ll be battling to win all the way until the end of the season’s big tournament to earn the title “Division Champion”

Right now, Riot is looking to make sure the mode is on the standard by testing it with a group of initial players, they’re closely taking feedback to make sure by the time of its release, it’ll be the perfect spot.



Some Other Features


With Premier coming to VALORANT, you’ll be thinking what else is different than ranked? Is it only tournaments? What makes it better?

We’re aware that this mode will have different matchmaking, servers, tournament play, queue health, and most interesting of all, a map ban & pick system which is something we have never seen in ranked and longed to.

When is it coming?


Quick answer, we don’t know yet. We have no specific date or estimate, but for all we know that it is 60% complete in terms of features and functionality. With more than half way through, we expect it to be within the competitive year of 2023 or around the start of 2024. 

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