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The Best Sage Walls on Ascent

The Best Sage Walls on Ascent
Written by: carrico14
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Sage is one of the most useful and easy to play sentinels on Valorant. If you want to learn how to play Sentinel Sage is the easiest agent to start with. 


On Icebox, she is a must-pick Agent, especially because of her wall, which allows her to make it safer for her allies to plant the spike, and also gain control of some areas of the map by closing some entrances. 


You have multiple walls on Icebox that can help you slow the enemy's rushes, gain control of the map, or just make it easier for your teammates to plant without being exposed.


Without further ado, let's see what Sage best walls on Icebox are.  



Sage Walls on Ascent A Bombsite


Sage Short Door Wall




A very useful wall that closes one of the entrances to the bombsite for the defenders, and makes it easier for you and the rest of your team to cross to the bombsite, and plant the spike.


It also buys your team some time to assume post-plant positions, and the players can't just break the door and spam into the bombsite, since the wall gives you one extra layer of protection. 



Sage Heaven Wall




This wall closes out heaven. It allows your player to assume an aggressive position in Heaven, and also gaining your team more time to plant, reposition, or just time until the spike explodes. 


Defenders will have to break the wall and retake control of Haven, having to use some of their utility to do so 


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Sage Main Wall




A great wall that blocks the main entrance to the A bombsite. It's great to buy your team some time to rotate over and stop the enemy rushes gaining you some very important seconds. 


It also allows you to reposition and set up a crossfire with your teammate. 


You can also boost yourself to the boxes with this wall, playing an angle that is very hard to clear for the enemies. 



Sage Catwalk Wall




A wall that makes it very hard for the attackers to gain control of short, and enter A tree. 


Your opponents will have to break three blocks of the wall in order to enter A tree, making them lose a lot of time, and giving you some free information about where some of your opponents are on the map. 



Sage Walls on Ascent B Bombsite


Attacking Sage Wall for Crossing into the Site




One of the most used walls in both ranked and competitive play. It's useful to cover your team cross into the bombsite, and it allows you to do so in a safe way.



Sage CT Wall




With this wall, you close the main entrance to the B bombsite. It also allows your team to have a safer cross into the bombsite and means you just need to worry about the entrance from market. 



Sage Market Wall




If you don't want to worry about the entrance from market you can also close it with your wall. 


This will force your enemies to either break the wall or rotate towards CT in order to enter the site. With this wall, you can also play close to it making it harder for the enemies to clear that angle without you taking at least one enemy. 


If you want to know the best way to play Ascent and how to find more success on the map we got you covered with our Ascent Map Guide


Learning all the callous in the map is also very important since Valorant is a game where communication is key, so be sure to read our Valorant Ascent Map Callouts Guide.

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