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Valorant Ascent Map Callouts Guide (with images)

Valorant Ascent Map Callouts Guide (with images)
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

Ascent is a very large map. Its mid is probably the biggest of all the maps. Both bombsites are also very large but with just one direct way of entering. 


This map is seen by most as a defensive side map. Knowing the map callouts is very important. In a game where communication is key knowing all the callouts can sometimes be a game-changer. 





This image shows you the most basic callouts. However, it doesn't show most of the callouts that are used. So let's see what are the callouts that are commonly used on ranked and on competitive play.



A Bombsite Callouts on Ascent


valorant ascent a site callouts 1original



Generator is the most common plant place in the A bombsite. It allows you to plant towards A main, Heaven. Generator also serves as a great cover spot. You can watch the push from A link in a safe way. 



Normally used as cover by the defenders when holding the bombsite, or the attacker when playing retake. It's also used as a plant spot. It allows the attackers to plant the spike for A main and force the defenders to expose themselves in order to defuse it.



It's here the Switch that closes the gate that gives access to A link is place. You can also watch the cross from A main and are not exposed to short.



On Bricks, you have a very close and advantageous angle on your opponents. It can catch some enemies off guards if you are playing on Bricks.



The place under Heaven where defenders can hide and try to get one or more kills when the enemies think the site is clear. You can also play form there if you are waiting for your team's support to play retake. Attackers can play from there since in most situations they can see the bomb, and are also protected from Heaven. The angles on Hell are also somewhat tricky to clear.



From Heaven, you have an advantageous viewpoint to A-main. It also allows you to see most of the bombsite. However, you are very exposed when on Heaven. 



B Bombsite Callouts on Ascent


valorant ascent b site callouts 1original



It's a hidden spot that allows however is playing there to catch the people crossing from B-main or market by surprise. However, it's a very easy spot to clear with utility forcing you to leave it and get exposed to enemy fire.



From Market, you can see everyone who crossed to the bombsite from B-main while being in a safe position. It's also a very used position to defend from when the enemies are trying to push Mid. It gives you an advantageous angle, and if the enemies want to pass to the defenders spawn they will have to go through you. 



It's the spot where the switch that closes the gate on Market is placed. It allows you to watch Market while being safe from B-main. You can also hear the footsteps of the enemies entering from B-main. You are exposed to Connector. 



It connects the defender spawn to the B bombsite. It's the easiest and fastest way to enter the B bombsite. From the connector, you can also see the enemies crossing from B-main into the bombsite. The ones that cross throw market also have to pass by you. It's the safest spot to play from. 



It connects to the plant area of the bombsite.


valorant ascent b site callouts 2_original


Boat House:

It's the back of the bombsite. It's the place that offers you the most cover to play from. You can play there while the attackers are entering and try to get one while they are planting. It's a difucilt place to clear. Attackers also normally play there in post-plant situations. 



It's a hidden place that allows you to take one or more enemies if they don't check it. Its a very hard angle to clear since you see the opponents first.



The Triple boxes provide you with cover from both sides. They are very used as a plant spot since it's the safest spot to plant on the B site. You can also watch lane from there while being relatively safe. 



It is the shortest path that connects B-main and the B bombsite. Most attackers will go through lane in order to get to the plant area. 



It can be used as a p+planmt spot since it's the perfect plant spot to play from Boat House. Giving you full vision o the bomb while being covered, and forces the enemy to fight while fully exposed. You can also play up in the boxes at dragon. This way you can see the people that enter from stairs, and you have a better angle. 



Mid Callouts on Ascent


valorant ascent mid callouts 1original


Top Mid:

It allows you to have a vision of the full Mid region. It allows you to peak to market, covering the cross of your teammates to short, and stop any mid aggression from the players pushing mid arch. 


Cat Walk:

It connects top mid to A-link.



It's a position where normally defenders play from. It's a very hard angle to clear and you will always see your opponents first. Giving you a good chance to at least get one kill before being traded. 



From tiles, you can see the enemies that pass to cubby or that are playing on A-link. It allows you to try and get at pick to short and Mid arch while being relatively safe.


Mid arch:

It's the entering point to bottom Mid, the part that the defenders control at the beginning of the rounds. When you gain control of Mid arch you control the majority of Mid and it will be hard for the defenders to retake it.



It's a position where defenders players use that allows them to see to cat-walk, to the players that enter by Mid-arch, and the ones near the fountain. It also gives them a very hard angle to clear to the players that enter by Mid-arch.



It's in the middle of mid. It's used as a reference for players that are in the open area near the fountain.

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