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Tips And Tricks For Cypher In Valorant

Tips And Tricks For Cypher In Valorant
Written by: Shizza

Cypher is an information-based Agent, and his ability revolves around getting information.  Cypher might have a complex kit, but when placed in the right hands, the Agent can turn out to be lethal for his enemies.


The Agent is mainly used to help out his team members without ever having to leave the spawn. The Moroccan Agent has many interesting gadgets at his disposal, which he uses either to defend a Reactor Site or take control of the map.



Since he is a Sentinel, Cypher is expected to be the most effective on Defense, but there is more to this Agent than one can grasp. Many players have a difficult time controlling Cypher and using him to his advantage as they are more familiar with aggressive plays.


The key is to play defensively with Cypher till your enemies are stuck on your abilities for your benefit. This article will discuss some useful tips and tricks for Cyper, which will help with your gameplay and will tell you how you can use the Agent efficiently. So, let us get started!



Cypher’s Abilities And Their Tips And Tricks



Trapwire – C Ability




Cypher’s Trapwire is among the most fatal abilities in the game, where he places a destroyable and concealed tripwire on the walls. The ability deals minor damage but reveals and slows down the enemy players who pass through it.



The trapwire can be seen once an enemy comes in contact with it, and players have around three seconds to destroy it. It is an ability that can be used again and is perfect for slowing down or exposing your enemies.


Tips And Tricks


  • Make sure not to place the trap in the same place repeatedly, as the enemies will start noticing them easily and will have no trouble destroying them. Tricky traps are definitely a great choice to go with the Sentinel if you wish to win more rounds.


  • Players will want to place a tripwire when they are attacking with Cypher to prevent the flanks. When playing on a bigger map, you can place these flanks next to the barrier where you will enter the site to attack it.


  • For defending, don’t place the traps normally at entrances as they can be noticed easily. It is best to place the tripwire under an angle and trick the enemies into passing through it.



  • Players should communicate with their team members when enemies come across the Trapwire. Cypher gets the information when a web goes inactive as well as the location of the enemy, which can be used to destroy them.



Cyber Cage – Q Ability


Cyber Cage, often known as a Smoke, is an ability Cypher throws in front of him where it remains unseen until the round is finished. It is basically an empty, invisible cage that lets Cypher know when an enemy passes through it.




When activated, the Cage, a grey, empty barrier, will appear, which blocks the vision of every player and slows down the enemy players who try to go through it.


Tips And Tricks


  • Players should make sure to plant double smokes only when going for a one-way. This is because the enemies often re-hit the site once the first smoke has disappeared.


  • One should also learn a Cypher one-way cage, meaning that the enemies’ feet are visible, but they cannot see the player with the Cage activated. Also, while defending, especially from far away, Cypher one-way pages can prove to be too overpowered.


  • The Cyber Cage is hollow, so players should refrain from hiding inside it on maps that feature elevated areas as enemies might see them and try to take them down.



  • Many players ignore the fact that they must place their crosshair over the Agent’s Cyber Cage in order to activate it. Moreover, since it is a little circle, moving the cursor and activating the Cage can be difficult and might take some time. It is recommended that to overcome that, players should pre-aim at the cage. They will usually combine the cage with a trap. Pre-aiming a cage means aiming at the cage before someone becomes a victim of the trap.



Cypher Spycam – E Ability


Cypher’s Spycam allows an agent to attach his camera to any object or wall and gives Cypher a view of the location. This helps him to scout two areas simultaneously, and the Agent can use the Spycam to fire a tracer or a marking dart.




These darts reveal the location of the enemy till the camera is active or until the enemy pulls out the dart. Once that is done, Cypher or his team members will not know the enemy's location.


Tips And Tricks


  • It is best that players hide the Spycam at unpredictable and unusual angles as they would help your team members to go after the distracted enemies.


  • It is extremely important to learn lineups to hide the camera properly. In this way, players can keep enemies away from a bombsite for a longer period of time. In order to do some serious damage, keep your teammates nearer to the entrance to shoot exposed enemy players when they are trying to tackle the dart.



  • Players should stay in a secure position while viewing the camera as Cypher drops his weapons while he is spectating other areas.


  • In this trick, we will inform you how effective a minimap can be! There are times when an enemy will appear in the camera’s point of view for a second. Even though you will not notice him, the minimap will. A brief question mark will appear on the minimap indicating the presence of the enemy and alerting you as well as your team members.


Although the minimap can be a useful tool paired with Cypher’s Spycam but do not depend on it too much. You will occasionally want to peek at the minimap to check if you missed any enemies. Focus mostly on the actual Cypher camera view instead of anywhere else.



Neural Theft – X Ability (Cypher’s Ultimate)


Cypher’s Neural Theft is an ability that robs the dead enemy of his memory to expose their teammates. All the enemies would be revealed on the radar for a few seconds with the help of this ultimate. However, the player must first kill an enemy to use this ability which is a difficult task in itself.



As it is for a short time, players should be quick in reading the map carefully and planning their next course of action. The Ultimate is similar to a marking dart but works on a larger scale and provides the ability to scout a location.


Tips And Tricks


  • Since timing is crucial while using the Ultimate, players should avoid it when either only one enemy is left, or all their teammates are dead. For example, one might be forced to use Neural Theft in risky situations with several enemies huddling around the corpse. Observing the radar can be tricky at such a moment, so if your team members are alive, they can use the intel and provide support.


  • Players must pick a safer site to plant or attack the Spike so that they can use the information from the radar.


  • Compared to other Agents’ Ultimate abilities, Cypher’s Neural Theft is weak, but that does not mean it cannot be useful, especially to your teammates. Also, similar to the Spycam, players can also use the minimap with Cypher’s Ultimate. When this ability is used, and the enemies’ locations are revealed, open the map on its key bind (mostly CapsLock) and ping at the location of the enemies. Your team will be aware of where the enemies are if they are following up on your input. This will make it easier to take on fights on sites.
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