The Best Yoru Teleports On Icebox

The Best Yoru Teleports On Icebox
Written by: Weeii
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This will be the only guide you need on the best TP spots for Yoru on the map Icebox.

While Yoru has always been an underwhelming agent in the duelist role, many still believe that his abilities can open up room for creative and unstoppable plays.

Icebox is one of the overwhelming maps that require smart strategic ways to approach on both defensive and attacking sides. Uniquely, it is one of the few maps that allow duelists like Yoru to shine and frag out.

In this article, we will explore his abilities and highlight the best teleports for each key location on Icebox. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to control and dominate your opponents with Yoru effectively. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!



Teleport Lineups - Attacking Side


While duelists are often associated with aggressive playstyles and flashy plays to open up sites and get entries, it might not be the case with all such as with Yoru. This agent leans more toward the deceiving playstyle; a mastermind of games and tricks to get to the desired goal. With your kit, you don’t want to just run in looking for aim duels, you rather create a play where your enemy is completely unable to react. We will show you the best set of plays to do on Yoru:

A Site:


Coming into A site on Icebox, there are many angles that defenders can hold which might be ultimately hard for you to clear at once. For this setup, you will try to teleport into the right corner under rafters behind the greenboxes and pair that with a flash against generator to take anyone there off guard. 

Doing this is extremely safe and easy too, especially if defenders often use operator as you won’t need to peek them assuming they’re playing close or on top of generator. 


Look under pipes just as in the picture from A lobby and throw your teleport, then if safe clear close and flash against Generator and execute. 

If you’re planning to secure close A site by yourself without wasting any utility, this setup is for you. Aiming to teleport into screens towards the corner with a flash against the wall, which will expose you to both backsite and screens but still give you quite a bit of cover to work with. 


All you need to do is get up on belt and come up close and aim at that corner of the logo on 410. Then throw your teleport which will get to the desired location and then try to walk up on maze to throw a flash so you can teleport safely. 


Remember that the flashes shown in pictures are where you’re supposed to BOUNCE the flash from. Not where it should land!


B Site:

Onto B site, the trickiest part is clearing close corners as they’re simply too many and can get overwhelming to you. For the first teleport we will be aiming to clear close corners which is especially useful if there’s a viper ult up close. Pair it with a flash from out of Garage. 

All you need to do is to simply get until here on B main/long and look at the logo just like the picture shows then send your gatecrash (teleport) 


After that, you can walk back and go clear garage then flash against the wall and execute. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to just push B site normally, here’s a way where you can instantly get into snow man which can be a keyplay to control site and the incoming rotation from defenders. 

Simply get B Long control and look at this cane over here then throw your teleport which will go to snowman (Defenders CT) It’s especially useful if you’re going to take enemies off guard while using ultimates such as sova or killjoy retake/deny ults. You can flash close or anywhere near yellow for distraction 

Teleport Lineups - Defending Side


Duelists don’t serve much compared to other roles on defense. Or do they? In a defensive side your job as a duelist is so to be the aggression firepower so you can still maintain pressure on the enemy whilst not overextending. With Yoru, you can be a flank machine and place unbelievable pressure as long as you use your utility the right way. Here’s how you can do that: 


A Site:



When you’re defending sites, especially on Icebox we believe Yoru has the ability to immediately flank the attackers in a productive way. Starting with this setup where you teleport to A lobby after flashing the execute into site. 

Simply stand behind the green boxes on A site and look towards the middle of the box on the left side. Send your teleport and as soon as attackers rush in flash against nest and teleport. 


B Site:


Onto B site, best way is to teleport into the attackers spawn while still not going too far. With pressure on yellow and a flash, you might distract them and be able to get a good flank instantly. 

All you have to do is take position in yellow and aim at the edge of the green cane/wall and then send your teleport. It will go all the way into CT on the corner, if you want to be closer you can as well activate it midway where it will be in garage or B long. Flash off the ground or against the wall behind you and execute. 



Defending Middle is important regardless of what you think or have been told, it is the most crucial part on the map icebox. In this you aim to teleport onto CT towards A site to flank anyone on A lobby or Mid. 

Simply head to Orange behind this wall and aim your crosshair as shown in the picture and then send your teleport. As soon as enemies push you, flash against the wall or off the ground and teleport to distract them and catch them off guard. 

In this next setup you will teleport into CT, and we mean to the deepest point of the attacker’s spawn. With a flash against tube, you can easily delay the push on mid and instantly get a strong positioning on your enemies. 


This is how you can do it, stand right under boiler on mid and aim towards the end of this giant cane and then wait for your teleport to arrive. Try to match the picture as much as possible as some lineups might be more pixel perfect than others.

Pro Tip: For any of the setups above, you can always fake teleport if you just want to change your pace or confuse the enemies. Best done after you’ve already performed them once to make your enemies believe into the fake.

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