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Valorant Champions Tour Masters Shanghai Revamps Format

Valorant Champions Tour Masters Shanghai Revamps Format
Written by: ASH

Riot Games has unveiled significant adjustments to the upcoming VCT Masters Shanghai, set to begin on May 23. These changes promise to ramp up the competition by allowing top teams to select their opponents, a move aimed at increasing the stakes of the tournament.


Leo Faria, the Global Head of Valorant Esports, revealed this strategic update on May 9. He explained that the top-seeded teams from various international leagues would now have the privilege to bypass the initial Swiss stage. This allows them to observe and then choose their opponents for the first playoff game, ensuring a strategic edge.


Bill Pan, Head of Product Strategy for Valorant Esports, added that a new broadcast feature will accompany the team selection process, designed to boost fan engagement and excitement.



Unlike the previous eight-team format seen in Masters Madrid, the Shanghai tournament will host 12 teams. The introduction of a Swiss stage, a novelty from this year's Masters Madrid, is now being enhanced with these interactive elements.


The new format builds on the success of the Masters Madrid, which stands as the most-watched Valorant esports event to date. Riot plans to continue this momentum, with the draw for the Shanghai tournament scheduled right after the VCT Americas finals on May 12.


Teams are currently competing in their respective leagues, vying for a place at this much-anticipated event.

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