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Valorant Players Suggest Exciting New Game Mode

Valorant Players Suggest Exciting New Game Mode
Written by: ASH

Valorant players have presented a fresh idea to Riot Games, drawing inspiration from Call of Duty's popular Gun Game mode. The proposed mode, dubbed "Roulette," brings a unique twist that has excited many in the community.


In this mode, instead of receiving random weapons, players would be assigned random agents. This proposal was detailed in a Reddit post, where the player suggested two possible implementations.




The first is a Team Deathmatch mode where players get a new random agent after each death. This adds unpredictability and encourages players to adapt quickly. The second variant is similar to Swiftplay, where players receive a random agent at the start of each round, requiring strategic adjustments as the game progresses.


The community has shown strong support for the idea. This mode could also help players, both new and experienced, to learn and understand all the agents better.


While Riot Games frequently considers community suggestions, it remains to be seen if this innovative idea will make it into the game. The Valorant community eagerly awaits Riot's response to this exciting proposal.

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