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Team Liquid win Red Bull Home Ground #2 over Acend

Team Liquid win Red Bull Home Ground #2 over Acend
Image Credit: TeamLiqiud
Written by: ar1essss

Team Liquid won against Acend 3:1 in the grand-final of Red Bull Home Ground #2.



To be honest, it was one of the most interesting and exciting matches in the entire history of Valorant. The match started on Split, where, firstly, Acend took the lead, won half 8:4. Then Team Liquid did the same, transferred the game to the overtimes. On overtimes, both teams changed the victory in defense, but then Team Liquid managed to win two rounds in a row, took the Split 15:13.



Absolutely the same scenario was repeated on the second map. Again, Acend won the first half 8:4, and Team Liquid won the second. On overtimes, both teams won rounds only in defense, until Acend managed to win two in a row, took Bind 17:15.


On Ascent, Team Liquid already won the first half 8:4. Acend managed to close the gap, and took the lead 10:11, but ScreaM and co won three rounds in a row, guaranteed the victory on Ascent 13:11.


Acend wanted to decide the fate of the winner on the fifth map, won first half on Breeze 8:4. But Team Liquid showed more confident attack, clinched the victory on fourth map 13:11.


Here is the final standings list for Red Bull Home Ground #2:



eu Flag Team Liquid - €20,000
2. eu Flag Acend - €10,000
3. eu Flag Giants Gaming - €7,000
4. gb Flag TENSTAR - €5,000
5-8. lt Flag LDN UTD - €2,500
5-8. eu Flag Fnatic - €2,500
5-8. tr Flag Futbolist - €2,500
5-8. ru Flag Gambit Esports - €2,500
9-12. ru Flag Natus Vincere - €1,000
9-12. tr Flag SuperMassive Blaze - €1,000 
9-12. eu Flag FunPlus Phoenix- €1,000 
9-12. de Flag BIG - €1,000
13-16. eu Flag Ninjas in Pyjamas - €1,000
13-16. fr Flag Team BDS - €1,000 
13-16. eg Flag Anubis Gaming - €1,000 
13-16. eu Flag G2 Esports - €1,000

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