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Valorant Releases Undercity Skin Bundle

Valorant Releases Undercity Skin Bundle
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

Riot Games announced the Undercity Bundle 


A new skin bundle is coming to Valorant. After releasing the notes for patch 4.03, a new skin bundle was also announced two hours later.


Undercity is the name of the next skin bundle to be released in Valorant. 


The bundle will have two melee weapons. One will have the form of a knife and the other will be an axe. 



The Undercity bundle will also have a skin for the Phantom, Bulldog, Judge, and Classic. 




The Undercity bundle will cost 7,100 Valoran Points. Each skin will cost 1,775, with the melee weapon costing 3,550 Valorant Points.


Once more gameplay footage is also revealed we will update the article.

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