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List Of All Chamber Changes in VALORANT Patch 5.12

List Of All Chamber Changes in VALORANT Patch 5.12
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Two days ago, Jeff Landa announced huge changes in VALORANT with patch 5.12. He mentioned the map rotation, the new report system for smurfs. But the most important change in the upcoming patch is Chamber. This agent was added to the game one year ago, in November 2021. During this period of time, he was in meta with a huge pick rate on many levels, from amateur to pro.


One fan recently presented his concept of a Chamber "fix," which many on Reddit liked. It concerns changes to RENDEZVOUS and Headhunter that will make the Chamber less vulnerable.


Finally, all the changes that will affect the Chamber in patch 5.12 are officially announced.


"In Patch 5.12, we’ll be making a number of changes to address these concerns. With this update, we want to sharpen Chamber’s identity as a precision-focused Sentinel that puts his body on the line to hold areas, while significantly reducing his sphere of influence and introducing more counterplay for opponents", - Riot Games said in the announcement. 


HeadHunter (Q)


  • Updated Stability Curve
  • Spread increased after second bullet when spamming. This is explicitly meant to reduce low-precision body-shot spam as an effective combat measure.


Rendezvous (E)



  • Chamber now places a single anchor that can be teleported to while inside its range.
  • Radius increased from 15 meters to 26 meters.
  • Removed teleport activation height restriction.
  • You can teleport to the Anchor while on different verticality so long as you are within its radius.
  • Increased weapon equip time after teleporting from 0.4 seconds to 0.7 seconds.
  • Headhunter is unaffected by this change.
  • Destroying Rendezvous teleport anchor now disables it for the remainder of the round, instead of being placed on a cooldown.
  • Chamber no longer incurs an additional cooldown when recalling his Anchor after teleporting.


Although they increased the teleport radius and made it so that you only need to place one anchor, the other changes will have a bigger effect on Chamber. This includes an equip time increase of 0.3 seconds. But most importantly, most likely, depriving Chamber of the ability to use it after it's broken.


Of course, Chamber got a huge advantage by having the teleporter for almost the entire round, even if someone destroyed it.


Trademark (C)



  • The trap is now range restricted
  • Trademark will disable when Chamber moves out of range, and reactivate once he is inside.
  • Can now be recalled mid-round
  • Does not require line of sight.
  • 30 seconds cooldown on recall.
  • Destruction remains permanent.
  • Initial Arm Time increased from two seconds to four seconds.
  • Health Increased from one to 20.


This change is kind of like the Killjoy fix in its day when she could put its turret on one site and be on another. Now the Chamber trap won't be able to work that way either, making it look more like a Sentinel instead of a Duelist.


Tour de Force (X)



  • Fire rate decreased by 57.5 percent.




  • This applies to both Trademark and Tour De Force
  • Reduced from 50 percent to 40 percent.
  • Reduced duration from six seconds to four seconds.
  • Reduced size by 30 percent.


The ultimate fix seems also predictable and obvious. This cannon was too strong. Especially for Chamber to score the right number of kills was not a difficult task, and therefore he could take advantage of the Tour de Force literally in the third or fourth round.



Why Do Riot Games Decide To Fix Chamber That Way?


According to Riot Games in the announcement, they had two goals for changing Chamber:


  • Strike an appreciable balance between his first angle power and counterplay avenues.
  • Drive more deliberate thought into setup.


"Counterplay” and “Deliberate” are foundational principles to VALORANT Agent design that the team discusses quite often. Chamber’s mechanics took the place of counterplay in many cases, and the small number of restrictions on his abilities meant he was not required to be deliberate in thinking about setup. This made Chamber deadly at any angle".


Changes are coming to PBE this Friday, December 2. The closed beta test will take place from Friday evening to Monday morning. Check out our article to learn more about what is Valorant PBE and how to sign up for it.

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