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Paper Rex Launch Their New Fan Membership

Paper Rex Launch Their New Fan Membership
Written by: Weeii

Paper Rex just announced the launch of their brand new fan membership, taking place on YouTube and offering exclusive content and perks for their fans. It will also be a form of community bonding as PRX is one of the most cheered teams. 


Brand New Fan Membership


This brand-new membership will be through YouTube, which means it will provide different kinds of perks. Unlike the fan club we saw previously by SEN Society, this membership will not include any merchandise or exclusive access to the team players. It will be solely focused on content, whether that be extended or uncensored content for the viewers who are subscribed. 




To join the membership all you have to do is Subscribe to Paper Rex’s Youtube channel and then press the “Join” button where you’ll become a member of that channel and see its exclusive content. 


This is a big step towards the right direction for Paper Rex, while this will not be a huge increase to their profits it’s important to remember the team only has 1 team to operate which makes managing costs a lot more reasonable and this could allow the team to further enhance their craft. 


Their dedication to one team’s success can be the reason behind their dominant and consistent performance. 

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