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G2 Esports Announce Their 5th Duelist Player

G2 Esports Announce Their 5th Duelist Player
Written by: Weeii

G2 has finally made an official announcement regarding their long-awaited 5th player. The final awaited role is Duelist, with the core of former The Guard players the team is set to meet high expectations, especially with such a powerful fanbase. 


G2 Signs Leaf


Fans have been waiting for an extremely long time for G2 to announce their 5th player as they obtained the 4-core of former The Guard. For those who don’t know, The Guard won ascensions and did not qualify because their organization failed to comply with Riot, eventually they were given the chance to get signed to a suitable organization, and that’s G2. 



While some fans expected leaf to be one of the potential picks for G2, it’s still quite the hit as everybody is excited to see the team perform in Tier 1 Valorant. 


Moreover, leaf had been playing Sentinel for a while as he flexes from the Duelist role, and now we get to see him in full-form, adding to the excitement. 


The Final Roster for G2 competing in VCT Americas will be: 


  • Trent 
  • Valyn 
  • Leaf 
  • JonahP 
  • neT 

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