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Evil Geniuses Are Reportedly Staying In VCT 2024 With A Different Roster

Evil Geniuses Are Reportedly Staying In VCT 2024 With A Different Roster
Written by: Weeii

Evil Geniuses is reportedly staying in VCT for the 2024 season, despite the rumors of them exiting the scene or having their spot replaced by other organizations. While this information is not confirmed yet, it has a high likelihood of happening. 


Evil Geniuses Is Staying For VCT 2024


EG has to be one of the most controversial teams during the 2023 VCT Circuit, even though their achievements are undeniable and the team showed great performances during the year, the management fell short with the concerns raised as they forced their players into pay cuts and put them in contract jail.




According to Lembo, EG might continue their journey in Valorant Esports for the year 2024 despite all the rumors and controversies.

“LEAK: Evil Geniuses, VCT Américas partner team, will continue in the league in 2024.


There was a rumor that M80 would take his place but according to my information I can confirm that EG will continue in esports in 2024 with its VCT team. Of course, it will not be with the same players” the tweet, says.


For all we know, most EG players have supposedly escaped contract jail as we see the star players “Ethan” and “Demon1” linked to a NRG super squad leak, while their IGL “Boostio” is reportedly joining 100T, this still leaves 2 players without any reported teams in the late off-season. 


It would be quite interesting to see the community’s reaction if the team is set to continue as a partner in the league after all the ups and downs.


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