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DSG Exists Game Changer Valorant Scene After Heartbreaking Events

DSG Exists Game Changer Valorant Scene After Heartbreaking Events
Written by: Weeii

The Game Changers scene in VALORANT is continuously evolving, new talents and champions are crowned every year as Riot does its best to help create a safe space for women and marginalized genders to compete.

However, things don’t go always the way we want, as in recent events, the Game Changers scene has witnessed many organizations stepping down due to business-related purposes. And now, another famous one joined in, Disguised Toast. 



DSG Exists The Game Changers Valorant Scene


Disguised, is an organization owned by Disguised Toast who is known as one of the nicest and kindest people in the community, operating teams even at a loss for the sole purpose of supporting the Valorant Esports scene. 




Due to a recent controversy with DSG, where they, unfortunately, happened to have played against cheater during the tournament , the team got disqualified from the Game Changer Circuit, and the cheater got banned by Riot.  That still caused DSG to not qualify as they lost to the team with a cheater on it.


Such an event is not the same as just losing or not qualifying, it has demotivated the players and org owners, and for good reason. 


“After a heartbreaking ending to our GC Series 3 run this year, where a player was able to bypass Riot's anti-cheat system in our games, we do not feel comfortable investing more into the scene as it exists today. While we believe Riot will continue to strive and improve on their system, being a self-funded org like DSG, it would be better for us to wait until such a system is implemented securely. “ Disguised Toast, said. 


There is no telling if DSG will come back to GC in the future, but for now and for all we know, they are exiting the scene for the reasons mentioned previously.

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