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TSM Stages Thrilling Comeback to Valorant

TSM Stages Thrilling Comeback to Valorant
Written by: ASH

TSM has made a dramatic comeback to the VALORANT scene, re-entering the competitive play after a significant period of reorganization and downsizing. The organization, once a key player in North American VALORANT esports, stepped back from the game in July 2023 amid a shifting esports landscape and internal changes. Despite these challenges, TSM has now announced its participation in the VALORANT Challengers League for the 2024 season, surprising many with its last-minute roster reveal.


The team's lineup includes a mix of familiar faces, Johann 'seven' Hernandez and Anthony 'gMd' Guimond, alongside newcomers, marking TSM's renewed commitment to making a mark in VALORANT. Their return coincides with the start of the 2024 Challengers season, where they'll compete under the name BackOutsideBoys, having received an invite to the prestigious VCL Ascension.



TSM's re-entry into VALORANT is part of a broader strategy to reassert its presence across top-tier esports competitions. This move is seen as a strong desire to be part of the VALORANT Champions Tour, signaling TSM's ambition to re-establish itself as a dominant force in the esports world.


With the 2024 VALORANT Challengers season now underway, all eyes will be on TSM as they look to navigate through a competitive field and reclaim their status as esports elites.

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