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EA Play Announces Price Hike, Starting May

EA Play Announces Price Hike, Starting May
Written by: ASH

Video game services have seen a rise in popularity, especially since the success of Game Pass. This has led to the emergence of services like Ubisoft+ and improvements in PlayStation Plus, offering new levels to enjoy classics and indie games. Electronic Arts has joined this trend with EA Play, offering a monthly membership to access a wide array of games from top franchises like Dead Space and Medal of Honor.


Unexpectedly, EA announced a price increase for its EA Play services, citing unclear reasons. This change is set to take effect next month, in May, likely disappointing many loyal subscribers.


Here's the new pricing structure:


  • EA Play (monthly): from USD 3.99 to 5.99
  • EA Play (annual): from USD 24.99 to 39.99
  • EA Play Pro (monthly): from USD 14.99 to 16.99
  • EA Play Pro (annual): from USD 99.99 to 119.99


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EA Play aims to enhance your gaming experience, offering both EA Access and Origin Access under the EA Play name, with Origin Access Premier now known as EA Play Pro.


These subscriptions continue to offer existing benefits and will include new features like exclusive in-game challenges and monthly reward bundles for members.


Remember, the price changes take effect on May 5.

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