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New Valorant Skins Leaked Ahead of VCT Capsule Launch

New Valorant Skins Leaked Ahead of VCT Capsule Launch
Written by: ASH

Excitement fills the air as images of the new Valorant skins, slated for release in the upcoming Chinese VCT capsules, have leaked. The skins represent five prominent Chinese teams: ALL GAMERS, Wolves Esports, EDward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, and Trace Esports. These teams are just a few of the eleven partners currently associated with Valorant in China.


The skins showcase unique designs that reflect the distinct identities and colors of each team. Fans can look forward to adorning their characters with these exclusive skins, bringing a fresh look to their gameplay. The leak has sparked anticipation and discussions among the Valorant community, eager to get their hands on these new items.



Stay tuned as more details about the release date and additional team skins are expected to surface soon. Valorant players and fans of the participating teams are in for a treat with this stylish update.


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Valorant's effort to integrate regional team pride into their game through these skins highlights their commitment to promoting a global community. As the official release approaches, the excitement only intensifies, promising a vibrant future for the game's aesthetic and team spirit.

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